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    10/17/22 Bronx 10-75 Box 2712

    Location: 1278 Grand Concourse All Hands fire in the cellar Maybe: E-92,68,50,42 L-44,49,19F B-17,26 D-6 SQ41 R3 RAC-3
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    4/20/22 Queens Trauma Box 4456

    Maybe: E-273 L-129 B-52 SQ-288, R-4 TSU-1 RB,SB Around 16:10: Person with body part stuck in a dumbwaiter shaft Airbags used to lift dumbwaiter, PT removed *Information as per NYCFIREWIRE app*
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    First due All Hands Statistics 2021

    Like I did for the past 2 years, I have sorted through Signal73s map and ranked companies based on their first due workers. Sometimes there are typos and in years previous members of the website were helpful in fixing these mistakes. These numbers come straight from the consistent work of the...
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    12/18/21 Manhattan All Hands Box 0457 (Delayed)

    Address: 535 E 11th Street - Between Avenue A & Avenue B Contents fire 4th floor of 8 story 50x80 MD Maybe: E-5,28,14 L-3,11 B-6
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    First Due A/H Statistics & Rankings - 2020 & 2019

    Like I did last year, I have sorted through Signal73s map and ranked companies based on their first due workers. (I will update for the companies who go to work the rest of the day and tomorrow) Here is the actual link if you want a better look. Feel free to share with whoever you want to...
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    5/14/20 Manhattan All Hands Box 1603 - Delayed

    Address: 60 W 142nd St AH/UC for Fire in the 1st-floor laundry room E-69, 59, 80 L-28, 30 B-16 Happened at around 10:30am
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    Number of First Due A/H or Higher

    Based on the maps signal 73 made - a spreadsheet of first due work for every boro Edit: there were some formatting issues I believe I fixed them Update (4/1/20)...
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    Water Rescue Box 1456

    West end parking lot in Roxbury - Reports of a boat overturned L-137 Water rescue unit Marine 3 reports 2 people in the water from an overturned catamaran Marine 3 has both people on board 20:42: Just posted by PBFD...
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    FDNY Apparatus Drawings

    3 Piece drawing I did for rescue 1 of the evolution of their modern trucks. Just thought of sharing it here. Feedback is welcome! I'll take any requests aswell - please include year of the truck and other details you may find important - Thanks!
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    FDNY new Hazmat gear

    Saw these suits in a CBRNE video. Never seen them before, anyone got any details?
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    New Rescue 2 Fire Station