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    Spokane Wa Fire

    Good evening everyone, one of the guys from my job got seriously hurt in Canada, he’s made it to Spokane Wa and is receiving care. This is all very new but I’m looking to see if anyone here is on Spokane Fire or has a contact there. I reached out to their local earlier today but this is a time...
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    Favorite Fire House

    I saw this topic posted back in 2009, thought it would be Interesting to post it again with all the new members and hopefully get some more replies. There are quite a few fire houses in the city that are just amazing looking. What is your favorite fire house? Not based on company, The members...
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    Paint & Decal question.

    Happened to be going through some photos online and became curious about the change of colors from solid red to white over red. From photos and dates it appears it happened just after the lime green experiments with the ALF and various Mack engines, did the fleet immediately change to white over...
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    High Pressure Engine Companies

    Hello, recently here and on Instagram I saw photos of new Seagrave engines, saw 39 has a HP model coming to them, I searched but can’t find an older post where it talked about some companies receiving HP pumps that didn’t have them before, does anyone have that list possibly? Currently there are...
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    Tower Ladder 158 Photos

    Good evening, i work for Charlton Ma, for many years we had a 3rd hand CF Tower, did some research and it turns out to be 158?s 74 CF. I had posted on Facebook last year and got some great info but I was looking to see if anyone has photos? We?d love to get some for the fire house. Unfortunately...
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    Manhattan & Bronx Rescue & Squad Coverage

    I believe I read somewhere that Rescue 1 covers up until 125th st, above that and the Bronx is covered by Rescue 3, is that accurate? Along the same premise seeing Squad 41 on 150th and their patch saying Bronx & Harlem, and 18 on 10th is there a steadfast break where they cover to? Thank you...
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    New Seagrave HP Engines

    I  received my copy of FAJ today, in the article it states Seagrave is currently building 20 2000GPM pumps slated for early 2020, is this apart of the current order that was re-awarded to them from KME? Also it states Seagrave is building 3 2000 GPM 3 stage HP engines for 8, 39 & 226, I'm aware...
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    Engine 165

    Well I?d have to say it?s official, saw photos today of Engine 165 in a 2010 Seagrave Marauder II (SP10009) 154?s old engine. I?d have to say that?s the end of the speculation as to what will be done with the trucks. Not my photo, found on Facebook, posted by Texaron.
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    Truck assignments

    Taking a look through the wiki FDNY site and noticed under retired trucks ST17001 former 145?? and ST16001 former 114 were retired? We?re these trucks ever assigned to other companies and then reassigned? Currently showing ST16001 assigned to 7 and ST17001 assigned to 127? Or is this just...
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    Ladder 59?s Ferrara

    Happen to stumble upon a Facebook page for an automotive shop in the Bronx who has been doing a lot of work for the FDNY, refurbing a good number of 2002&3 Seagrave engines and trucks. Also does work on front line trucks involved in accidents. Ladder 59 was in for work, the compartments right...
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    FDNY Apparatus bids over the years

    With reading the latest posts on KME being awarded the bid for the next batch of engines and Ferrara with the last batches of bids on the truck companies I wondered how Seagrave seamed to be the exclusive manufacture from what seamed to be 92/93 up until 2010ish with the purchase of Ferrara...
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    FDNY Truck Co Shop Numbers

    Just finishing up the truck company part of the list for shop numbers. Again browsed through the site, google and fire wika without and luck on just a few companies, any help would be appreciated. I know couple of the originally Ferrara trucks didn't make it and were sent back, one turned into...
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    FDNY Engine Shop Numbers

    Hey folks, im working to create a list of the current front line apparatus in the FDNY. Ive browsed through pages upon pages here, searching registrations in the fourms, googled photos of trucks, went to Fire Wika and those sources have answered 99% of my questions, I have a few shop numbers I...