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    Indian 209 ft Turntable Ladders

    ⬆️ Two turntable ladders in XL 🇮🇳 Two L64 aerial ladders with lift were recently handed over to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The highly developed rescue lift enables safe rescue of people from great heights. With a double cab and an RM15C remote-controlled monitor, the turntable...
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    Ac Joseph Jardin

    I see at the 11th October 2022 meeting of the Fire Bell Club FDNY, one of the guests was AC Joseph Jardin. He was described as AC of Fire Operations. Has he moved from Chief of Fire Prevention as he was stated in the Medal 2022 Book ?
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    Not Nato

    When listening to the radio transmissions of the FDNY, they don't use the NATO phonetic alphabet, why is that so. Can anybody supply the phonetic alphabet that the FDNY use please.
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    Large fire at Liverpool Hospital

    Fire at Aintree University Hospital Date: 10 August 2022 Location: Aintree, Liverpool Fire crews have been called to a fire at Aintree University Hospital, Longmoor Lane, Aintree this morning. Six fire engines are in attendance. Crews were alerted at 4.34am and on scene at 4.40am. On arrival...
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    New Chief of Department

    Warmest congratulations to Chief John Hodgens on his appointment as Chief of Department. Also congratulations to Chief John Esposito on his appointment as Chief of Operations.
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    Medal Day

    When is the FDNY Medal Day being held this year?
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    Appointment of Chief of Department

    Is there any news of the appointment of the new Chief of Department . Seems a while since Chief Richardson retired. Are there any favourites in the running?
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    Manhatten Box 436 03/26/15

    I have just listened to this shout on You Tube Manhatten Box436 125 2nd Ave 03/26/15 Would-be interested to read the posts on here that were posted at the time eg Run Downs of attendance. Thanks
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    Towe block fire London UK

    Twenty fire engines and around 125 firefighters have been called to a fire at a block of flats and offices on Whitechapel High Street. Crews are tackling a fire on the 17th floor of a 21-storey building. The Brigade's 64m ladder has been mobilised to the incident. The Brigade's 999 Control...
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    Wirral UK Manir house blae

    Building fire, Thornton Hough, Wirral Date: 05 February 2022 Location: Thornton Hough, Wirral Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service are in attendance at a building fire on Manor Road in Thornton Hough, Wirral. Crews were alerted a little after 9pm on Saturday 5th February 2022 and four fire engines...
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    I noticed that at both the 4TH alarm in Manhatten and the 3rd alarm in Brooklyn, Car 11A, Chief of rescue operations attended, is it he is a Deputy Chief and not Deputy Assistant Chief?
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    Chief of Fire Prevention

    Just watch the promotions of Chiefs. Kevin J Brennan was promoted Accistant Chief of Fire Prevention, does he replace AC Joseph Buckheit, and be come Car 13. Interesting, three Borough Commanders were promoted to Accistant Chief. My records show that the Borough Commanders of Bronx and...
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    Chief Gala Jnr

    I see that DAC Gala has won his law suit against FDNY and has been promoted to Assistant Chief, does he retain his old car number?
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    Update Senior Car Numbers

    Hi UK here, any body asist me with updating the car numbers and names please
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    Staff Chiefs

    Up dating my list of staff chiefs, anybody have an up to date list.  Who is the Borough Commander of Brooklyn ? Thanks you
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    Car Numbers

    With COD Leonard being replaced by Car 4,  anybody got up to date car allocations.  Why I ask, just seen pic of Chief Gale being described as Borough Commander of Manhattan and not deputy.
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    British Fire Service a disgrace

    I live in Liverpool  U K home of the Beatles.  The city centre is covered by one fire engine, tonight that fire station is closed because they have not got enough fire fighters to  man the only engine based there, unbelievable in such a big UK city.  I welcome your comments.  Also a merry...
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    Who will be the new Chief of Department

    Who is  now favourite to be the new Chief of Department?
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    Chief of Department Leonard

    A quick question from the UK, reading COD Leonard's background, I notice he was Deputy Assistant Chief before he was promoted to COD.  In doing so he jumped the rank of Assistant Chief, is that normal practice in the FDNY to jump a rank ?
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    Car 4 David

    Who has replaced Assistant Chief Pyfier as car 4D, UK question?