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    2020 Runs & Workers are online.

    The usual place: I haven't updated the top-10 page yet. Later in the week.
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    Runs & Workers 2019

    They're up:
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    Runs & Workers 2018

    A new stat this year: Special Units now have a column for All-Hands or Greater.
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    Runs & Workers 2017

    It took me a while to get my hands on the booklet but better late than never:
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    2016 Runs & Workers

    The numbers are out.
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    Runs & Workers 2014

    It's that time:
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    The way we were

    1959. Before bureaucracy, before SOC, there was FDNY And with a lot more units...
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    Runs & Workers 2012

    The annual numbers are here: The main page: The top 10:
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    Changes coming to 911

    We don't know what it means yet but I'm sure we wont like it.
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    Fire Alarm Dispatcher test

    DCAS has scheduled a filing period for the next exam. The typical 20-day window open on October 3, 2012. The test date isn't set yet. Here is a link to the test announcement for the last exam. It probably wont change very much this year...
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    Runs & Workers 2011

    The annual numbers are here: The main page: The top 10:
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    Runs & Workers 2010

    After a few months of waiting I finally got my hands on the corrected numbers. I may have a typo or 2 in there so if anyone spots something amiss let me know.
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    Runs & Workers - Top 10 From 1975-2008

    I just completed a new page with the top 10 companies in each category from 1975 to 2008: If you spot any inconsistencies or errors let me know.