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    Firehouses in High Crime neighborhoods

    What are some of the reasons why firehouses that cover high crime neighborhoods tens to be busy? Also at least where I live in the Chicago area, the CFD houses the covered the high rise projects when they were up were busy? Thanks.
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    Police in ER's

    Hello, how common would you all say it is to see Police officer's at hospital ER's? What are some of the more common reasons that you would you that cop's are often at ER's? Thanks.
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    Railroad Police

    What about the freight railroads such as CSX and Norfolk Southern? Also when did you typically deal with them? When some idiot played chicken with a train and lost? Thanks.
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    Railroad Police

    Good afternoon and Happy 4th of July, Has anyone on here had any dealings with Railroad Police such as MTA, Amtrak, CSX, or Norfolk Southern? If so when? Thanks.