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    Garda Killer convicted of Murder

    On 25th January 2013 Det Garda Adrian O Donohoe was shot and killed at point blank range whilst on a cash escort duty by an armed gang in County Louth One of the suspects (who was on bail for other offences at the time) left Ireland and went to the US on a holiday visa. He overstayed his visa...
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    LODD Detective Garda Colm Horkan, County 6/17/20 Roscommon - Ireland

    It is with great sadness that news has broke today of the Line of Duty Death of Detective Garda Colm Horkan in Castlerea, County Roscommon last night Detective Horkan was shot and fatally killed in the service to the community just before midnight 17th June on Main St Castlerea having served...
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    London Fire Brigade New Aerial

    First of two Scania / Emergency One Group Ltd / Magirus 64 metre (209ft) turntable ladders to arrive for London Fire Brigade. They have been funded with a ?2.5 million donation, and are the tallest ladders in the UK. Photo Copyright Emergency Vehicles Online Facebook
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    Dublin Fire Brigade Run Totals 2018

    Just got some run stats for Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) for 2018 some may be interested to see. DFB have 12 Full Time Stations, 2 Retained (On Call) Stations with a fleet of 21 Engines, 2 Rescues, 2 Turntable Ladders (Rearmount), 1 Hydraulic Platform (Tower Ladder), 6 Battalions & 12 Ambulances...
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    Aircraft Emergency Shannon Airport, County Clare - Ireland 8/15/2019

    Earlier today Omni Air International flight 351 (N378AX) suffered a left undercarriage fire while taxiing at Shannon Airport for departure to Kuwait. The Flight was a US Military charter flight with troops on board. The plane was evacuated via emergency slides and no injuries were reported...
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    Dublin Fire Brigade Pins

    Posting on behalf of a FF who's looking to see if there would be Interest from people to buy these specially made Dublin Fire Brigade Pins 3 Types. Firefighter, Paramedic, Advanced Paramedic Can be bought singly or as a set (3 pins) 1 Pin ?10 (Roughly $11.30) 3 Pins ?25 (which will come in a...
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    Cork County Fire Service Water Tanker involved in MVA 2/23/19

    On Sat 23rd Feb Mallow Fire Stations Water Tanker was involved in an MVA whilst returning to Station after attending a Major Fire throughout the night in County Cork. The Tanker collided head-on with a tree and suffered considerable damage Thankfully no injuries to Driver or Passenger. (1st...
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    The End of Dennis Fire Appliances

    Very Sad News but not unexpected News that John Dennis Coachbuilders (Builder of the Dennis Fire Appliance) is to close after 3 decades Dennis in US terms would have been the MACK of the UK and Ireland Fire Services. They built pumps to last and they did...
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    London Fire Brigade Order 15 New Aerial Ladders 2/7/2019

    London Fire Brigade this week have ordered 15 NEW Turntable Ladder Aerials to replace its current fleet and adding 3 x additional Aerials They will be built by Emergency One in Scotland and come on a Scania Chassis 12 of these Turntable Ladders will be 32meters (104ft) in height and the 3 New...
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    Chief Petty Officer Scott Smith US Navy RIP - 1st Anniversary

    Last week whilst in work a colleague of mine commented on the hat (FDNY) i was wearing. She said to me whilst pointing at the hat that she was off to their (NYC) next week. I replied "oh you off to see your brother?" (who i knew lived stateside) and she said "no he died last year" i was a bit...
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    Whiddy Island Disaster, County Cork - 40 Year Anniversary

    Today 8th January marks the 40th Anniversary of the Whiddy Island Disaster, the worst maritime disaster in Irish history.  The French crude oil tanker 'The Betelgeuse' exploded at a jetty just off the Island Oil terminal in Bantry Bay, County Cork killing 50 people (42 French, 8 Irish & 1...
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    Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance Service Celebrates 120yrs Service

    On the 5th of January 1899 Fire Based EMS was born. Saturday last the Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) Ambulance Service celebrated its 120th Anniversary of DFB's first Ambulance case. Two crewmen aboard 'The Curlew' which was fishing off Rockabilt light house sustained injuries when a fishing net...
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    CHRISTMAS 2018

    Can i wish ALL the members & your families a very Merry Christmas & a peaceful New Year. Also to ALL those working over the Holiday Period Stay Safe Nollaig Shona Daoibh
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    New Deputy Chiefs Promoted

    Congratulation to five FDNY members promoted yesterday ? Deputy Chiefs Anthony Arpaia, James A. Boylan, James C. Kane, Frank A. Leeb, and Daniel J. Murray Special Congrats to Dep Chief Leeb who many of us met 2 weeks ago at the get together meal after him him a few years ago in Elmhurst
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    Major Fire in Commercial Building Belfast 8/28/2018

    Scene of a Major Fire in a Commercial Building in Belfast City Centre this afternoon. At present 14 Fire Appliances & 80 Firefighters are on scene For More Photos See
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    7/17/2018 Dublin Paramedic Crew Rescue Person from House Fire, Dublin - Ireland

    Tuesday morning 17th July - whilst attending to an EMS Patient, a Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance Crew noticed smoke coming from a neighbouring house in Tallaght. The (Firefighter / Paramedic) Crew immediately ran to the house and rescued a person from one of the rooms. Fire Crews from Tallaght...
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    New Squad Co for Staten Island

    New Squad Co for SI
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    Boston Fire Photographer Stephen Walsh RIP

    It is with Great Sadness that i have learnt of the passing of Boston Fire Photographer Stephen Walsh "The Flannel Photographer". Steve was the son of a Late Boston Firefighter and well known amongst the Fire Service family and im sure a few here. Sadly of late Steve's health took a turn for the...
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    4/30/2018 Fire Crews Rescue Man from suspected Explosion / Fire, Dublin Ireland

    Earlier today Fire Crews from Dolphins Barn Fire Station backed up by Rathfarnham Fire Station rescued a man from a Persons Reported Fire / Explosion in the Kimmage Area of Dublin. BA Crews quickly entered the building on arrival and found the man quickly passing him through a blown out window...
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    3/21/2018 Major Fire in High Rise Hotel, Dublin - Ireland

    Dublin Fire Brigade Currently on Scene for a Major Fire in a Dublin High Rise Hotel. 8 Engines, 2 ladders & Specialist Appliances Currently on scene Photos >>