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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    A lot of history there I wasn't aware of. Did the 60 have administrative duties? Was 209 in the 35 before 2003?
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    So 229/146 are in the 35 but 238/106 are in the 28? I realize this is for administrative duties, but it seems odd that the 28 would need to drive almost past 229/146 to get to 238/106.
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    New Tillers

    Weren't 151 and 173 tillers well into the mid-90's? I could be wrong but I thought when I worked as a medic in Queens from 92-97 that 151 was a tiller then.
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    1/5/21 Manhattan 4th Alarm Box 1797

    So any job in the Rockaways gets a fill for every unit?
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    First Due A/H Statistics & Rankings - 2020 & 2019

    Great job. Just a comment, not saying it's wrong, but I can't believe 126 only had 14 first due fires.
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    12/16/20 Brooklyn All Hands Box 177

    I'm not sure how it works with Squads, but would 288 go as 3rd due engine before 216? That's a pretty easy run for them.
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    Parlor Floor

    I notice that in Brownstones the FDNY calls the floor at the top of the front steps the parlor floor. I understand this is done to clear up confusion between the floor level below the front steps. It seems many parts of NYC have Brownstones, but I only hear them call it the parlor floor in...
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    12/3/20 Queens 10-75 Box 4195

    Those had to be built after 2004 right? I never remember construction back there. I remember newer people having a hard time finding Admiral Ave but that was long before these were built.
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    News of Members

    Rest in peace sir. I never met Frank, but I will miss his posts on here.
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    Engine 74 Firehouse Dog “JT” on scene Dryer Fire

    I used to buff at 74 in the early 90's. They had a dalmation then named Sparky who was a great dog. That was the days before "The Lost World" when the Pink Panther was the mascot on 74's rig.
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    Battalion / Division Cars

    I understand the clean cab concept. My question was where is this written as an NFPA guideline? I hear a lot of people "quoting" NFPA mandates, but I don't see it written or an NFPA statute on it.
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    Battalion / Division Cars

    I have heard this stated a few times, but I have never seen anything legitimately written on this. I'm not looking to argue your post, I'm wondering if you saw this NFPA standard written or can give the NFPA statute number on this?
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    11/21/2020 Queens Box 4681 10-75

    1 Used to be Cooper's Ale House and is now Yerman's. Spent MANY nights there after shifts at St. John's.
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    11/21/2020 Queens Box 4681 10-75

    NYC Firewire and BNN had it as 88-13 Aubrey Ave. I spent most of my youth at 88-11 Aubrey where my cousins lived. Anyone see any pics of the job?
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Do 220 and 122 still have separate house watches?
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    11/21/2020 Queens Box 4681 10-75

    If 293 and 136 were extra then 286 had to be the 4th engine.
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    11/18/20 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0735

    Wouldn't 277 get in before 206 or 291? Maybe that's who's missing on the run down. I think they're all pretty close for 4th due engine.
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    Ferrara ladders

    So that's the bid opening. Was the bid awarded to Seagrave? How many units if it was awarded?
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    Dan, thanks for the great stories. I always look forwarded to coming on here to read "Glory Days" and I will miss this in the future.
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    11-5-2020 QNS 10-75 BOX 4293

    Interesting parking by 319 to keep the street clear for the trucks.