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    Look Back

    My personal history & look -back. 50 years ago today, 7/13/70, I was fortunate to be appointed to FDNY. I was in a Proby class with 125 of us, 100 were appointed on 7/11 & the next 25 on the list 2 days later, for reasons I won’t mention. Lucky to be assigned to great companies during my 31...
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    Time Stamp

    Bronx job shows posting at 4:03 pm today when I’m reading it at 3:20pm. Why time difference?
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    New Format

    This new format stinks. Much easier the old way to access every boro or topic. Why the change?
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    Brooklyn box 75-2637, 6005-5 Ave. 6x9 tour, 11/20/19