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    Parlor Floor

    I notice that in Brownstones the FDNY calls the floor at the top of the front steps the parlor floor. I understand this is done to clear up confusion between the floor level below the front steps. It seems many parts of NYC have Brownstones, but I only hear them call it the parlor floor in...
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    If any of you are bored being stuck at home, I started watching "the Gettin Salty Experience" podcasts. They are hilarious and also tell some good war stories. Hell these guys may even be members of this site. Here is the link to their page:
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    Mack CF

    Hey guys, a friend of mine recently purchased a 1975 Mack CF engine. It originally served somewhere in FDNY and then served in Bladensburg, MD. He can not locate an MP number. Is it possible to find out where this engine served FDNY by using the VIN number? You can PM me or reply here. Any help...
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    Brookdale Units

    As I understand it Brookdale will no longer be running 39G, 44J, 39F and 44X. Anyone have any info on whether FDNY will be covering any of these tours? It seems East NY and Brownsville is a busy area to lose 3 BLS units and 1 ALS unit.
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    Unit Numbers

    I've been out of NYC as a medic for a number of years now. My question is do unit numbers follow the battalion or the borough? Say for example a unit's CSL is in Ridgewood Queens (the old 44D area), this is a 28 battalion area. So does that unit have a 28 designation (IE. 28D) or does it have a...
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    1/29/2010 22-1829 1128 Blake Ave

    Fire on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a 3 story 30x60. Div 15 reports all units being withdrawn from the building and going to an exterior attack.