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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Regarding the Chiefs quarters at old E71, this was occupied by a deputy chief in the early 1900s, subsequently numbered Division 4, 5, and 6, between 1903 and 1907, when it became permanently Div.7. As told by my father, who grew up in that neighborhood in the early 19teens and eventually was...
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    1/20/21 Bronx All Hands Box 7368

    All Hands / UC?… Reminds me of the frequent track fires on the old 3d Avenue EL along Webster Avenue...usually a Signal 5-7 (1 and 1)...but sometimes just a 5-35xx (E79 loved that easy booster line on their ‘51 WLF to put ‘em out)…and sometimes just 7-35xx if the Engine was out elsewhere...L37...
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    Madrid, Spain Gas Explosion 1/20/21

    Madrid, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with among the most graceful and gracious people. RIP to those lives lost, and to the grieving families.
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    1/19/21 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 3970

    For those not familiar with the Bronx, take a look at Mikes map link. This is Woodlawn, where you can still buy anything you can get in Dublin...and now you know why L39 has a tiller.
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    Real meaning of ALL HANDS

    10-75 (-76,-77) defines the nature of the incident as a fire (or major emergency), prompting additional response. All Hands is a SITREP, describing the use of those assigned resources. As JA290 explains, there can be a 10-75 without All Hands working. In the days before radios on the rigs and...
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    1/14/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 3615

    Right behind 62/32 quarters. Street view on Google Maps, looking down the street at #2614, is the Branch Municipal Building. Anybody from that neighborhood know what was for? Looks like an old school but probably too small. Just curious. I had relatives on Magenta Street but don recall that...
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    Bronx Box 2658

    See John McNamara’s book, “History in Asphalt”. You can get it through the Bronx Historical Society website.
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    Bronx Box 2658

    Mystery solved. Great work guys! Love that old street map. Is that the one that used to fold out of a small red NYC Street Guide published decades ago?
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    RESCUE 5 1948-1962

    Were extra personnel assigned to L78 to provide that driver?
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    Thank you for reading.
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    Wednesday, January 13, Approx 1330 hrs Signal 29, Report of Structural Fire, 32 Vine St @ Park Ave. E3 4 1 7(RIT) L5 11 R5, Safety 1 Bn1, 2 BN 1 reports heavy fire 3d Floor of MD, primary searches negative. Transmit 2d Alarm. E12 6 L6 Structure evacuated of all ffs at approx 1410 hrs. Some...
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    RESCUE 5 1948-1962

    What was R5 doing at a Bronx multiple?
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    Tuesday, January 12, approximately 0914 hrs Bridgeport Signal 29, structural fire at 12 Ochsner Place (North End off Main St.) E16 12 15 1RIT L10 5 R5 BN 1 Heavy smoke from 3d floor of occupied PD. (E1 arrived 3d due, E15 reassigned as RIT.) All Hands working. 0928 hrs, heavy fire 3d floor...
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    1/10/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 3506

    75 probably should be 3d Due. Similar mileage as 81 but straight run up the Concourse.
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    Ah, Hook & Ladder 43... part of a three bay firehouse, built in 1913 to serve the newly populated Italian East Harlem. It was one of the busiest houses in the city from the day organized. In the very midst of the War Years, summers of 1969 and ‘70, a young lad on leave from the US Army, I was...
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    1/5/21 Manhattan 4th Alarm Box 1797

    There was a policy back before the War Years, and maybe after, that the 52s did not leave Riverdale for multiple alarm assignments. That was a holdover from the days of horse drawn and non radio motorized apparatus. A look at the old Run Cards shows that they stayed put. Riverdale was too remote...
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    12/5/20 Manhattan 6th Alarm Box 437

    Great info and discussion guys! Thank you.
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    11/30/2020 10-77 Bronx Box 2914

    In the days before 46/27 moved south to their present quarters and E45 was still a single engine, L38 was second due and E88 third due at Box 2914, which was located at Boston Rd and Southern Blvd. It was their southern most response (and lowest numbered box) on the first alarm. With a straight...
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    Companies with the most First Due Work?

    What is the trick to navigate thru this? I can only move the window a limited way vertically or horizontally.
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    11/22/2020 10-75 Bronx Box 3517

    The address is one block south east of Bedford Park Boulevard, more commonly known locally as 200th Street. Bedford Park it is.