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    FDNY Captain found dead of apparent suicide in his Staten Island home

    Rest In Peace. There?s been far too many of this already in all first responder communities; fire, police, EMS, the military, even the medical community with nurses and doctors. If anyone needs to, please reach out somewhere to someone. I?m sure that goes for many members of this site as well...
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    US Fire Administration Fire-Related Firefighter Injuries Report

    ?This topical report addresses the details of firefighter injuries sustained at, responding to or returning from a fire incident, focusing on data as reported to the NFIRS from 2015 to 2017, the most recent data available at the time of the analysis...
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    NYC Council Considers Changing Siren Sounds

    The bill, which has been sent to committee, would require all sirens transition to a two-tone, European-style siren because they've been found to be just as effective "but without as shrill or invasive an impact on communities"...
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    RAC Changes

    Here are some changes to RAC procedures that were outlined in the latest FDNY podcast episode with Deputy Chief Joseph Jardin. I don?t believe a timeline was mentioned on when these would happen. They will be creating a 6th RAC unit, RAC units will be staffed with two firefighters (part of...
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    Newark Airport closed after plane engine catches fire
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    FDNY Firefighter Exam 7001

    Notice of Examination: Link to actually apply:
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    How Rikers Island inmates became heroes after a 1957 plane crash
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    Detailing FDNY Captains to OEM as Citywide Interagency Coordinators
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    1/7/2017 Queens 10-75 Box 2005

    Queens Box 2005  74-15 85th Road between Dexter Ct and 75th Street Fire on the top floor of a Private Dwelling -L143 10-75, fire in a 3-story attached PD 23:14 -B39 using All Hands for a fire on the top floor of a 3-story 20x50 Class-3 PD. Exposures (1-street, 2-similar, 3-unknown...
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    1/7/2016 Bronx All Hands Box 3152

    Bronx Box 3152    51 Buchanan Place between Grand Ave and Aqueduct Ave Fire in the basement of a 6-story MD CIDS: 6-story MD 75x90 Class 3. Corner building on Grand Ave. Fire escapes exposure 2&4. Fire escape on exp 2 to roof. Basement apartments. 6 apartments per floor. 1 interior stairway...
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    1/7/2016 Signal 6-5-2

    Signal 6-5-2 has been transmitted, the message is as follows: Phase B of All Unit Circular 200 will be activated as of 13:00 hours today, January 7 2017. All units shall comply with the requirements of All Unit Circular 200 Section 5.3. Adjustments to staffing and additional apparatus...
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    12/3/2016 Queens All Hands Box 7995

    Queens Box 7995    41-71 Denman Street off 94th Street Fire on the 1st-floor of a 4-story Multiple Dwelling -B46 10-84 02:37 -B46 using All Hands for fire in a 50x40 MD. Exposures (1-street, 2-street, 3-unknown, 4-2 story PD). 2 lines stretched, 1in operation. Primaries are being conducted...
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    11/18/2016 Manhattan All Hands 10-77 Box 1148

    Manhattan Box 1148 125 E 84th St Fire on the first floor of a 10-story Multiple Dwelling -B10 10-75 the box for fire on the first floor 20:25 CIDS: 10 story 100x100 Class-2 MD. 2 open stairs. Roof access exposure 2, bring the bolt cutters. No fire escape. C stairwell has standpipe and second...
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    11/4/2016 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2743

    Brooklyn Box 2743 - 518 79th Street between 5th Ave and 6th Ave Fire on the 1st floor of a Multiple Dwelling CIDS: 3-story 20x65 Class-3 Multiple Dwelling. 3 family. Fire escape in the rear. 10x10 airshaft with power fan in center of building. Interior basement egress in front and rear...
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    10/30/2016 Staten Island All Hands Box 8132

    Staten Island Box 8132 - 4435 Victory Blvd (Visey Paper Factory) Fire on the roof -E154 10-75 -D8 10-84 23:16 -Citywide to the PSAC Radio Mechanic...FDOC is unable to receive any transmissions on the Staten Island frequency 23:20 -D8 we have a small fire on the roof above the pit area. We...
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    Fireboat Governor Alfred E. Smith Up for Auction

    The Fireboat Governor Alfred E. Smith is currently up for auction. According to the website, "The Smith was last used approximately 1 year ago and at that time was in good running condition". It's being sold "as is" and is said to be in "fair condition". Shipping is not included, the buyer must...
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    6/18/2016 Manhattan All Hands Unusual Occurrance Box 1122

    Manhattan Box 1122 Broadway and W 80th Street Worker down 40 feet in a construction site (actual fall of 20 feet) TL35 set-up as a high point. Patient was brought up via Stokes basket, was given a Yellow Tag status by EMS Maybe: E74, E40, E76, L25, TL35, B11 E44, TL22FAST, B9, R1, Sq18, D3...
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    Firefighters in Nova Scotia find fish clogging hydrant
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    Jersey City, NJ Fire Department mourns death of dispatcher Ira Rubin Also Boston FD Citywide with a tribute:
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    2/24/2016 Queens All Hands Box 1570

    Queens Box 1570      199-34 48th Ave and Francis Lewis Blvd 48th Ave and Francis Lewis Blvd reporting a private dwelling 18:39 -E320 you have an address? (-QD negative) 18:39 -E320 10-75 the box, I don't have an address but it's the SW corner on Francis Lewis 18:40 -D14 to Queens is B52...