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    Richmond, VA 3d Alarm at Vacant Church
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    Snow Storm Viola Staffing

    Strangely enough, what we've all experienced in the last week is a SYMPTOM of it. Global warming doesn't simply mean that everything gets hotter. It DOES mean that weather events (think hurricanes, tornadoes, snow & ice storms, etc.) are larger, stronger and more severe than what they used to be.
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    Newport News VA Working Fire 2/18/21

    Kitchen fire on Maury Ave. E-8 first due. E8, 10, 6, 3, L6, TL10, R2, Bn2, Safety BN
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    Snow Storm Viola Staffing

    After more than 40 years in Virginia, I recognize that it's simple, John. All you gotta do is recognize the code. As an example: Should you want to direct some locals to the corner of 3d Ave and 33d St, you just have to say, "Alla youse guys hedda toity-toid street an toid amn'ya an youse'll...
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    Chesapeake VA 2nd Alarm Grain Dryer Fire 2/17/21
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    Blitzfire Monitor?

    Thanx, John, Rev, & SkiLB
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    Blitzfire Monitor?

    The special call for a Blitzfire monitor at the 5th in Queens the other day got me thinking. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Blitzfire monitor when compared to the Multiversal? Weight and maneuverability are the obvious 1st advantage. But is the Blitzfire really comparable to...
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    We had a tradition at the 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron that every member received an engraved Zippo at the end of their tour with the squadron. We had a bunch of miniature versions of the squadron's patch made up, and these were glued to the lighter, along with the member's name and...
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    2/14/21 Queens 5th Alarm Box 9623

    How many engine companies have the Blitzfire monitors? Obviously 274 has one. Other companies? BTW: here's what they look like: And here's a link to a video about them:
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    Atlanta,GA Commercial Building Fire 2/10/2021

    Shaq's Krispy Kreme!o_O:oops:🙁
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    February 12, 2012 Our Most Popular Thread Began

    One way . . . probably the BEST way . . . to ensure that they are not lost is to publish a book of them, Joe. Sure, it's a lot of work. But in today's world of self-publishing via Amazon, it doesn't require an agent or a lot of money the way vanity publishing used to. And who knows, you might...
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    Snellville GA 4 Killed in House Fire 2/6/21
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    2/5/21 Manhattan 2nd Alarm Box 1369

    For a GAS emergency????
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    Staff Chiefs

    Amen, Dan.
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    February 12, 2012 Our Most Popular Thread Began

    Joe, Iggy: I'll give you the same advice I gave Johnny Gage: PUBLISH A BOOK!
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    1/30/31 Passaic NJ 12th Alarm

    Chris & Bill Tompkins' photos hee ;
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    1/30/31 Passaic NJ 12th Alarm

    BTW: The Neptune System was designed to be able to interface with, and HAS operated with FDNY's big boats (343 and Firefighter II). You can move a lotta water through a 12 inch hose!
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    1/30/31 Passaic NJ 12th Alarm

    The New Jersey Neptune System comprises more than just the pump shown in Turk's photo (which, by the way, is a 5000 gpm unit). It consists of: Neptune Pump: 5000 GPM Pump Iron Man Manifold trailer: 6-8000 GPM units Hose Tender 1: 2000 Ft 12" hose Hose Tender 2: 2000 Ft 12"...
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    1/30/31 Passaic NJ 12th Alarm

    Atlantic Coast Fibers Recycling Plant 101 7th Ave. Passaic, NJ The FD "Neptune system" is on scene and operating. 25 Passaic and Bergen Co. fire co.'s have responded Morris and Passaic Co. Fire Task Force has responded
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    I'm guessing there would be a flood of "cheats" like my father & I were. :rolleyes: ;)