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    Heads up on a FDNY VF post top someone is trying to sell on ebay

    I put up a warning page on Ebay, this is what the page includes: --------------------------- Fair warning;This is not actually for sale here, this is just a public fraud heads-up This is a heads-up for collectors to the fact that this exact fire alarm box being offered by another party on...
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    A recent purchase, this inner box 2629  with the Maltese cross key is in excellent intact condition that needed only a little clock oil and that's it:
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    Looking for: Horni Signal & Stewart Steel inner box

    Looking for: A FDNY Horni Signal inner box A FDNY Stewart Steel Products inner box Preferably complete with mechanism, code wheel etc in "as-found" and not "restored" or "messed with" condition preferred. Pictures show example of each. I know there's Ebay but I'm sure there's lots of stuff...
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    "HP Tel"

    Curious if anyone has a picture of or knows what exactly were behind these rear doors marked "HP TEL" I know these were put in special locations in the 20s/30s where there were high pressure water lines, I have never seen one with the rear door open and whatever was behind it intact, I'm...
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    Fire box numbering

    I have a vf post that came originally with one of the ERS electronic police/fire faceplates, and it had a tag on it numbered 2110, I've never seen a zero used before, that I remember, since how would a code wheel on a mechanical box send a signal of zero exactly? if it is signalled out as 10 I...
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    Large, unusual Gamewell central office pieces

    A friend in the salvage business in Pennsylvania has these two Gamewell glass cased central office artifacts One is in a large glass case sitting on a furniture dollie which should offer  a good idea how big it is- I'm guessing it's about 36" or so inches tall maybe a little more. The amount...