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    Does fdny use navigation aid

    I did a search to make sure this was not asked already but did not find any thing. Does anyone know if FDNY units are equipped with some sort of navigation system or GPS to help units that relocate to areas they are not familiar with especially when relocating to a different borough to help...
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    I'm not a member of FDNY but a firefighter never the less. Fdny has the best firehouse humor and I would like to add a story from my department. We have a firefighter that takes anything we throw at him and he returns it with interest. The one thing everyone from the house knows about him is...
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    3/28/21 Bronx 4th Alarm Box 3186

    beginning @. 25 you see a firefighter in the window with fire all around him go back in and reappear in different window with even more fire around him and gets into 33s bucket.
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    FDNY Friction lose

    I know FDNY does not have pre connect hand lines because every stretch is never the same and they have long stretches to make some longer then others. So my question is does anyone know if FDNY use friction lose or use pre determined settings depending on the stretch or have their own method...
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    3/28/21 Bronx 4th Alarm Box 3186

    I won't be surprised if 5th alarm is transmitted you can feel the excitement in their voices.
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    3/28/21 Bronx 4th Alarm Box 3186

    You can hear it in their voices sounds like it's a good job.