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    Squad 8 first year

    A year ago today Squad 8 was established.
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    The most recent Tower Ladder delivered

    Anyone remember the last tower ladder delivered, l think it was a replacement or something?
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    8000gpm industrial pumper

    FDNY  8000gpm  Industrial Pumper.
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    Firefighter Ryan Robeson runs marathon wearing full firefighter gears.
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    2O1O Tower Ladder Aluminum Wheels ?

    Noticing some of the 2010 ... Tower Ladders with now aluminum wheels instead of the red painted .... Are they changing them all ?
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    can anyone answer my question in "Site News And Info. ? "

    ? Just curious if just a lot happened to be tuning in or if there was a major incident ??
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    384 on site December 7, 2011

    l see at the bottom of the page it reads "Most on site 384...  December 7, 2011". Just wondering if it was a lot on site... or if there was a major incident that time ?
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    A Guide To New York City Fire Apparatus / John A Calderone

    I  Have  The  1990  and  1995  editions  of  this  book...  l wish  someone would do this again.