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  1. lfdlt31

    "Urgent" message

    I am wondering if there is an SOP or some guidelines regarding the procedures for units transmitting an urgent message to the dispatcher or to command? I am interested in bringing this to my own department and just looking for some background on it. My understanding is that it is to be used with...
  2. lfdlt31

    Collapse Rescue Response

    If the parent Rescue Company is unavailable and a box comes in requiring the Collapse Rescue respond does the closest one respond or do they only respond along with the parent company? Like if R4 is unavailable and a response is needed in Queens and its R2 and R3 going does L116 still transport...
  3. lfdlt31

    High Rise Nozzle units

    Hello everyone, I looked through the operational reference guide and did a search on this site but couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone know which engines carry a high-rise nozzle or where a list is I could access? Thanks everyone!
  4. lfdlt31

    Mask Service Unit

    How many Mask Service Units are there? I assume they are manned by one FF and I think they respond on a 3rd or 4th alarm?
  5. lfdlt31

    Squads and Battalions

    As far as I understand the Rescue Battalion is the Chief for the 5 rescue companies. Is the RB also responsible for the 7/8 Squads or are they still part of their geographical Battalion?
  6. lfdlt31

    Trench Collapse - Edmonton Alberta, June 14 2018 P 11, 6 L 5 R11 DC 2 P3, R3, TRTSU (all respond together as Technical Rescue Team)
  7. lfdlt31

    3rd alarm in Edmonton May 5/18 I can post a rundown later if people are interested.
  8. lfdlt31

    Companies at hospital after LODD

    I have seen the videos following an LODD of companies going to the hospital and forming a line for when the body is carried out and placed into an ambulance and taken to the ME. I am just wondering if there is any protocol for what companies go to the hospital? Companies that were operating at...
  9. lfdlt31


    Just watched the 9/11 DVD the French brothers made at E7/L1. Always curious what the men in the show are doing now. I know BC Pfiefer became a higher up chief but what about the others? Also the Brotherhood DVD. I know Liam Flaherty is now the Captain of Rescue 2. But anyone know about any others?
  10. lfdlt31

    Blue lights

    Am I the only one who is not a fan of all the blue lights on the FDNY apparatus now days since the law was changed and it is allowed now? It just doesn't seem right, blue lights are for police in my head. It looks ok on the Rescues as blue is their color but on everything else it just doesn't...
  11. lfdlt31

    Coming to NY

    So I am going to be in NYC for a couple days next month. I have never been and have a few questions. I am flying in on Friday Oct 3 in the morning to LGA and that night need to be at Penn Station to catch a train to DC. On the following monday I am returning early in the morning and need to be...
  12. lfdlt31

    Got a new contract

    The contract covers 2011 to the end of 2016. It calls for wage increases of 3.6 per cent for 2011, followed by increases of four per cent, three per cent, two per cent, 2.25 per cent, and 2.5 per cent in each of the following years. In 2010, the average salary for a fifth-year firefighter was...
  13. lfdlt31

    2nd Alarm Industrial Building, Edmonton Ab

    12740 126 Ave P8, P22, P4 L10, L2 R4 DC4 Pump 8 also reports they had a walk in to the station reporting the fire P8 Command P22 Fire Attack R4 Ventilation Gator 1 dispatched L10 reports explosion on the roof FA evacuating the building 2nd Alarm P2, P17 L7 R1 DC3 Mechanic MC1 Salvage 1 L10...
  14. lfdlt31

    Working Fire - Edmonton Ab

    Structure fire - Charles Camsell hospital (vacant) P8 P22 P4 L5 L10 R4 DC4 P8 on scene calling working fire P8 Command R4 Fire attack P22 Water Supply L5 Fire attack 2 DC4 Safety Officer P5 P17 HM1 HM3 Relocations P7 - P5 P10 OOS to man HM2 L10 OOS to man HM3
  15. lfdlt31

    2 White Powder calls back to back - Edmonton Ab

    White Powder Incident - University of Alberta Hospital P3 R3 HM1 DC3 P3 Command R3 Recon HM1 awaiting HM2 arrival before entry HM2 HM3 HM1 - HM Recond HM2 - HM Back up Tests Negative HM2 HM3 Returning to service All units returning. Relocations P10 OOS to man HM2 L10 OOS to man HM3...
  16. lfdlt31

    What happened to the Engine 165 - Squad 165 thread?

    I have searched and can't seem to find it...did I miss something?
  17. lfdlt31

    Edmonton Fire Information

    Hey guys, you may have noticed I am posting some incidents from Edmonton, I figured I would give everyone some info to go along EFRS operates out of 26 Fire Stations 26 Pumps 8 Ladders 6 Rescues 3 Tankers 2 Super Tankers 1 Hazmat unit 4 District Chiefs There is a variety of support units 4 ATPs...
  18. lfdlt31

    Edmonton, AB - 2nd Alarm 2- 12- 14 First Alarm (note, all second alarm apparatus, all first alarm not available) P22, P3, P4 L6 R4 Working Fire Gator 1 L2 DC1 Salvage Service P22 - Command R4 -...
  19. lfdlt31

    Trouble getting into forums

    Tried to get on the site, the main page worked but when I tried to get into the forums, a page came up and said I was denied because I had a virus... Went and looked through my computer and deleted some things I didn't recognize and tried again and it let me right in. Is this normal, should I...
  20. lfdlt31

    MVA Involving Transit Bus - Edmonton Ab Pump 1, Rescue 1 first due.