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    5/4/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 2584

    Does the company rigs still have tag summons books?
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    5/4/2021 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 0733

    L143 relocated to L140
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    5/3/2021 Queens All Hands Box 4054

    Some relocations; 298 acting 306 165 acting 167 117 acting 152 289 acting 295
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    Television from a different time

    Each weekday afternoon Channel 13 aired cowboy shows around 4 PM. Lash LaRue, Johnny Mac Brown, Hoppy and others. There was a cartoon show on also, can't remember what time, on 13 hosted by "Uncle Fred." Channel 13 was a New Jersey outfit that transmitted from NYC. On a different note, Channel...
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    NYPD Officer LODD/ EOW

    Rest In Peace Officer and may God hold you in his hand and be beside your family in their time of grief and throughout their lives. I hope the the miscreant who caused this Officer's death never has another night of sleep or happy moment.
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    4/26/2021 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 0977

    Before the toll increase last week. lol
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    Battalions; Battalion Chief (2021)

    Why is this necessary?
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    FDNY EMS Station and Units

    53X used to be a North Shore unit out of LIJ but it's been years and I wouldn't even guess what it is today.
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    4/21/21 Staten Island All-Hands Box 4330

    You took the words right out of my mouth Joe.
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    4/19/21 Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 0361

    That's interesting. Never saw that jacket before. Thanks.
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    Does fdny use navigation aid

    The index card box or loose leaf binder is at the house watch desk or should be anyway unless the relocating company took it with them or as Johnny Gage stated above, the relocating company went on another run via radio while out on the initial box that they looked up in the card file. I hope...
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    4/17/21 Manhattan 10-75 Box 837

    There is one other box number in Manhattan that corresponds to the street intersection. Any guesses?
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    Does fdny use navigation aid

    Don't know about today, but back in the day each house watch desk had an index card box that contained rout cards for each box those companies responded to. It was not unusual to see a particular card stuck in an officer's tie clasp of the relocating company.
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    3/4/21 Queens 10-75 Box 4412

    If I remember correctly they were coming back from a Haz-Mat run when this came over.
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    4/12/21 Staten Island All Hands Box 2061

    Unfortunately it's a different society today. FD, PD & EMS used to be respected, now it seems that they are just an inconvenience unless needed by the selfish, "all about me" generation. You can't "fly" any longer unless you wish to be in lawsuits.
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    4/12/21 Staten Island All Hands Box 2061

    The way the average motorists drive today the last thing any chauffeur wants to do is "fly down Hylan Blvd" or any other street for that matter.
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    Firehouses Closed

    AKA, 911 Taxi Service
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    4/6/21 Queens 8th Alarm Box 7864

    That's why only Mike, Marco and Chet manned Engine 51 with Capt. Stanley.