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    FDNY and Denis Leary Foundation virtual training

    5/4 at 645pm
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    A Tribute To Jack Supple, Buffalo N.Y. Fire Dept.

    They say one of the hardest things to go through when you get older is losing your friends. On Dec. 7, 2020, I lost a very dear friend of mine, someone I had known for 60 years. His name is retired Deputy Chief Jack Supple of the Buffalo Fire Department in New York. I met Jack and his late...
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    take a moment and go into your user preferences and set your time zone. Only takes a moment.
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    New Site Software

    Please post any issues here so that I can track problems with the new software. I still have lots of work to do but wanted to get the site turned back on.
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    MOVED: Fire Call Types

    This topic has been moved to Communications / Technology.
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    "Through Triumph & Tragedy - 50 Years of the FDNY Pipes & Drums."

    So what will you be doing to celebrate St Patrick's Day this year? I am proud to announce that the F.D.N.Y. Pipes & Drums will be hosting an encore screening of the documentary "Through Triumph & Tragedy - 50 Years of the FDNY Pipes & Drums." DATE: Thursday March 24, 2016 TIME: 7:00PM (Doors...
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    Due to the ongoing trial, we have been asked to remove anything Black Sunday related. This is being done in an effort to avoid any issues with the trial. This is a request from the families. So I hope all understand. Tommy
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    Mobile Viewing

    Google has started to change the rules around some of it's internet practices. One of which is that sites should be mobile friendly and easy to view for such devices. So to try and keep up we have installed a mobile version for the forums. Still needs some work but it's a start. Tommy
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    radio feeds quality?

    I have been very slowly working on building another audio server. The server will be located at a location remote from the current site to help improve quality. goal will be 8 feeds from new site. Current status antenna installed. 12v Power installed need to update 110v at some point  8...
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    New Server online - Post any issues

    OK. New Server is online today. Please post any issues, I am sure there will be a few. I still have access to old server to compare settings, etc.
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    New Foam nozzels

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    New Server for 2015

    Our host has made a deal with us for  a new server.  Probably won't be ready until next month, need time to transfer all the data.  Goal will be to keep our current IP address to make the move as simple as possible.
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    EMS Response to Phone Alarms "Fire"

    New Protocol going in to effect: EMS Call Type MCI21 report of a fire EMS Call Type MCI21P Working Fire When the Fire CO "Loads the Box" based on quantity and quality of calls reporting a fire, ems will also be notified.  The Boro Dispatcher has the option to load the box, which we know as 4&3...
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    New Bosses

    Looks like the at least some of the bosses will be used to staff "The desk" at EMS stations which were Battalion based.  As of now looks like every station but Haztac will have a desk boss
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    03/26/2015 7th Alarm / Site outage

    Just want to say sorry to all for today's outage. Due to the high demand from the 7th alarm, the site crashed.  When we rebooted the server to try and bring it back online it crashed each time. What happened was, in a way a denial of service attack. However this was not done to cause harm just...
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    Spartan Cassion

    Starting a new thread of the history of the spartan. See Below for a statement from ORFD 12-19 Here are the LODD that I can find which used the Spartan. FIREFIGHTER CHRISTIAN P. ENGELDRUM LADDER 61 NOVEMBER 29, 2004 * LIEUTENANT JOHN J. BELLEW LADDER 27 JANUARY 23, 2005 Meyran? FIREFIGHTER...
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    New Units

    More talk about Squads being created one in Staten Island and one on the upper west side of Manhattan. Also talks of a new Battalion in Queens and maybe a ladder in harlem. Very early stages but interesting.
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    New Caisson

    New Caisson out to bid. The Caisson was totaled during Sandy
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    FIRE and EMS SUV's out to bid

    41 Pickup style like current BC units 40 Pickup style like Current EMS Conditions
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    1938 audio from WNYF and the fireboats

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