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    NYS and Yonkers tax increases on OT $$$

    That's a crazy amount to raise
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    New Rescues in Production

    Is that the side that used to have Ambulance 1 back in the day when the Medical Offices where up stairs
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    New Rochelle (Westchester) NY- 2nd Alarm 07-14-21

    They go to the house and cover that district, physical relocation. It wouldn't make much sense to have them respond from their own quarters on calls, its a far distance.
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    DC Jonas's Division 7 Newsletter July - August 2021

    Fr. Keenan of E71, I believe became Capt of 41 Engine when they brought it back as a Squad and then Became Capt of 38 Truck
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    7/13/21 Bronx All Hands Box 3070

    It's a block east of the El train which is da Farms
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    7/10/21 Staten Island 10-75 Box 366

    Well that's convenient
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    They came upon a problem, had the solution and used it. It probably didn't take all that long to set up and accomplish and it probably eliminated a bunch of other headaches
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    Brooklyn FDNY/MVA Box 2688*Late*

    One of the Batt Chiefs I drove when I was a back up Aide always said "Its better to have them on the way and not need them then to need them and not have them on the way". He would always go for the extra 1 and 1 or the extra alarm because of that.
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    Volunteer fire house in the city.

    City Island did have a quint a long while back prior to 53 Truck going back there. It might have been an old Mack that the shops put together. A picture of it sitting outside their quarters has been on this site a few times.
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    7/6/21 Bronx 3rd Alarm Box 2410

    Some of the truck companies, not necessarily the relocators, from the second on had a long haul to get there, i.e. 38 and 33 first and second on da second and 41 extra on the second, 61 first on the third
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    Surfside,FL Partial Condo Building Collapse 6/24/2021

    I read a few news reports that said the Governor has declared the state of emergency and FEMA has arrived to assist
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    I don't know about eliminating second pieces but it might or it could mean a smaller lighter second piece or lessen the amount of times the second piece has to roll. Reading those articles does make you think and say it does give other options that may work.
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    Covering bosses

    Those group assignments for each company where set up long ago, my guess when the company was created. There are 3 Lt spots and one Capt. spot per company. When an officer is assigned to a company he goes into an open slot and stays there until he transfers, gets promoted or retires then...
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    I believe you are correct. Price progression goes from Rear mount to Tiller to Tower. From articles I've read many cities are finding that replacing a Rear mount, which today is a bit bigger then rigs 15 to 20 years ago, with a Tiller Increases getting around and also greatly increases storage...
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    What is the normal assignment for a person hit by or pinned under a train or a subway train?

    Don't forget that for prolonged operations you need back up companies to take over. There are other operations that will require more then one company to handle operations, such as Rescue and Squad or Rescue and Rescue. Then there's the crew that supports and relays tools and equipment. I was...
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    Covering bosses

    In each Battalion, when you look at the group charts as a whole you will notice that the officer groups are different in each company, meaning not all Lt. are in groups say 1, 7, 20 whatever. And the Capt. are not in the same groups. This is to make sure that the open group is not the same in...
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    Covering bosses

    And the last thing you would want to do is close a company. There might be a few reasons why but it would be a last choice
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    Let us not forget how the city reconfigured some of the streets for bike routes and other crazy reasons. These issues have made it more difficult to make streets. Another reason to perfect the Tiller Tower