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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 07-17-21

    Date: 07-17-21 Time: 1704hrs Location: 461 Riverdale Ave X Valentine Lane Description: Fire 2nd floor of a 7-story OMD 1704hrs- Caller rpts living room on fire, now multiple calls. E-304, 303, 308, 306; L-74, 71; R-1; B-1 1705hrs- YPD 3rd PCT getting door knockers (PCT is next door) 1707hrs-...
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    New Rochelle (Westchester), NY- Hat Mat Spill/LI Sound 07-17-21

    Date: 07-17-21 Time: 1000hrs Location: Neptune Park X Long Island Sound Description: Con Ed rpts underground transformer vault failure on Nautilus Drive with leak out of manholes and into the sound. USCG on location.
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    New Rochelle (Westchester) NY- 2nd Alarm 07-14-21

    Date: 07-14-21 Time: 1146hrs Location: 182 Lyncroft Road X Longvue Ave Description: Fire in a 75X50 2-story P/D, tile roof. M/A Covers: Yonkers E-307, L-73 Greenville Squad 15 Larchmont TL-7
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    Briarcliff Manor (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 07-10-21

    Date: 07-10-21 Time: 0705hrs Location: Description: Large area of mulch and wood. (2) Tower ladders and tanker shuttle. Mutual Aid: Pleasantville TL-5 Hawthorne E-155 Croton Tanker 10 Continental Village Tanker 11 Pocantico HIlls Tanker 12 MIllwood Tanker 15 Bedford Hills Tanker 5 Armonk...
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 07-09-21

    Date: 07-09-21 Time: 1855hrs Location: 18 Courter Ave X McLean Ave Description: Heavy Fire in a detached garage in the rear, 15-foot seperation. E304, 306, 307, 303, L75, 73, R1, Sq11
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 6-30-21

    Date: 06-30-21 Time: 2108hrs Location: 120 High St x Ridge Ave Description: Fire on the roof from lightning strike 2108hrs- Several calls for a house struck by lightning and roof is on fire. E-309, 306, 308, 310; L-72, 71; B-1, R-1 2113hrs- E309 on location rpts 2-story frame with fire showing...
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 06-23-21

    Date: 06-23-21 Time: 1820hrs Location: 34 Prospect St Apt. B-632 X Hawthorne/Riverdale Description: Fire in 4-story duplex OMD. 1820hrs- Caller reports bedroom is on fire. E-303, 306, 304, 308; L-71, 74, R-1 1821hrs- E-303 on location "looks like a 29, checking" 1823hrs- Squad 11 added to the...
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    New Rochelle (Westchester), NY- 2nd Alarm 06-22-21

    Date: 06-22-21 Time: 1820hrs Location: 151 Forest Drive X Antler Pl/Crawford Ter Description: Fire in a 2-story P/D. 1825hrs- 10-75 for fire in a dwelling. 1835hrs- Car 2302 transmitting 2nd Alarm 1842hrs- M/A Yonkers, Eastchester (TL-17), Greenville (E-152) for cover. 1900hrs- NRFD placing...
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    Ossining (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 06-20-21

    Date: 06-20-21 Time: 1540hrs Location: 101 Croton Ave X Chauncey/Villard Description: Fire rear exterior of a P/D. 1545hrs- CMD rpts fire on exterior, K/D. Checking for extension in basement and 1st floor. 1600hrs- Sleepy Hollow tower ladder to cover.
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 06-19-21

    Date: 06-19-21 Time: 1155hrs Location: 1133 Midland Ave X Noble/Lawrence Park Description: 1st floor of a 6-story OMD 1155hrs- Calls for smoke from apartment 1K, now multiple calls for black smoke from the basement. Squad 11, E-313, 307, 312; L-73, 75; R-1, B-2 1200hrs- L-73 on location with...
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    Larchmont Harbor (Westchester), NY- Boating Accident 06-16-21

    Date: 06-16-21 Time: 2144hrs Location: Long Island Sound, Larchmont Harbor, Edgewater Point Description: Reported boat struck rocks, (2) injured 2144hrs- Mamaroneck Fire E-39, 42; Ladder 21 and EMS dispatched to the end of Flagler Drive for the boat accident. Reported best access. 2149hrs-...
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    Harrison, (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 6-16-21

    Date: 06-16-21 Time: 1548hrs Location: 180 North St Description: Vehicle fire in driveway with extension to the garage of a 2.5-story P/D. Harrison with Purchase on initial assignment. 1610hrs- CMD rpts E-12 with (2) L/S, truck to the roof. Water on the fire. 1615hrs- M/A Port Chester to cover
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    Port Chester (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 06-13-21

    Date: 06-13-21 Time: 1050hrs Location: 167 Pearl St Description: Fire in the walls of a 2.5 story frame dwelling Port Chester E-60, E-62, E-63, TL-2, L-31, R-40, R-41 10-75: Rye Brook L-30, Town of Mamaroneck R-6, WC Batt 15 M/A to cover: Purchase E-241, Mamaroneck Village E-42, TL-20
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    Mohegan Lake (Westchester), NY- Working Fire 06-13-21

    Date: 06-13-21 Time: 2150hrs Location: 1734 Strawberry Road X Lexington Ave Description: Fire throughout a 2-story frame
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    New Rochelle, NY- Multi-Alarm Fire 06-05-21 (Delayed)

    Date: 06-05-21 Time: 0214hrs Location: 75 Centre Ave X Main St Description: Fire 1st floor of a 4-brick OMD. M/A EMS for victims, numerous residents removed from fire escapes and windows. M.A to cover Yonkers, Greenville, Eastchester...
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 06-07-21

    Date: 06-07-21 Time: 0158hrs Location: 117 Elm St X Linden St Description: Fire in a 4-story ordinary 0158hrs- Caller rpts flames from the first floor by the bodega. 0159hrs- Engine on location with fire out (1) window, first floor. 0210hrs- B-1 rpts (2) L/S/O, no exposure problems, fire K/D...
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    Yonkers, NY -Working Fire 06-06-21

    Date: 06-06-21 Time: 0616hrs Location: 174 Hollywood Ave X Margaret Ave Description: Fire in P/D. 0616hrs- Caller reports possible house on fire, possibly the basement. E-314, Squad 11, 312, 310; L-70, 75; R-1 B-2 0624hrs- L-70 rpts smoke condition in the structure. 0627hrs- Squad 11 lining...
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    Hartsdale, NY- Working Fire 05-25-21

    Date: 05-25-21 Time: 2145hrs Location: 200 East Hartsdale Ave Description: Fire in the ductwork of a 1-story row taxpayers.
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    Ardsley, NY- Large Area Brush 05-25-21

    Date: 05-25-21 Time: 1750hrs Location: 14 Birch Hill Road Description: Large area brush, op's on Fire 14 1750hrs- CMD on location with large area brush 1830hrs- M/A Irvington to scene. 1900hrs- M/A Thornwood for Mini-Attack 19 to scene, enter from Ardsley Road 1910hrs- M/A Hastings Engine...
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    Yonkers, NY- Working Fire 05-04-21

    Date: 05-04-21 Time: 2350hrs Location: 105 Oliver Ave Description: Fire top floor corner, 3-story ordinary MD