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    New Seagraves

    8 might have been used since S.I. has Div. 8.
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    NYS and Yonkers tax increases on OT $$$

    This is just the beginning, the State and the City are broke. They both received money from the Feds this year but that isn't going to keep happening. It might get ugly real soon.
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    Volunteer fire house in the city.

    When the money gets tight sooner or later all cost saving plans will be on the table. Quints might be one of those, probably starting in the same companies that were CFC's in the '70s.
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    New Rescues in Production

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    High Ladders

    The Grove ladders were gone by 1984.
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    High Ladders

    Before going in service they were testing the two at the old rock (Welfare Island) and one of the elevators went into a free fall. Luckily no one was on it at the time. The elevators were promptly removed from both rigs.
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    And it's only going to get worse, the Summer has just started.
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    New Chicago FD boss

    This should prove interesting.
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    Spare fleet

    No, there can be a problem with any make of rig today.
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    "Walker-Style" Firehouses Gone

    A year before Ladder 19 was moved out of the South Bronx Ladder 32 was moved from Engine 50 north to Engine 62 then to Engine 97 and finally back to Engine 62. I wonder what the back story was why Ladder 19 was moved back down to Engine 50 and not Ladder 32 that was there before.
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    I notice that the local news media no longer reports on how bad the violence is in Chicago, very interesting.
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    Div. 8 Busy

    No one is really "busy" these days, it's not like the 60's, 70's & 80's. A better term might be "active".
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    During "The War Years" a few rigs looked like that.
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    Firehouses Closed

    As far as I know none of the candidates for mayor have mentioned the fire department at all. I don't know if that's good or bad for the future of the FDNY.
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    Garden City(Long Island),NY 3 Dead After House Fire 5/6/2021

    As a former paid member told me "they're rolling the dice, sooner or later it will come back to haunt them". But of course the mayor and other officials won't care.
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    Westbury (Nassau) NY 6-Alarm Waste Facility Fire

    As of now 66 out of 71 departments operated or relocated. Garden City job was a triple fatal, very unusual for that department.
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    Westbury (Nassau) NY 6-Alarm Waste Facility Fire

    As of now 52 of the 71 departments in Nassau responded or relocated. Might go on for days.
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    Combination telegraph/telephone pull boxes prior to ERS?

    All of the old mechanical boxes had a telegraph key inside the box to communicate with the C.O. I believe the boxes in the High Pressure districts had a telephone connected to the High Pressure Pumping Stations. Those boxes were marked on the back "HP TEL.".
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    New Chicago firehouse

    Chicago has been doing that since the 70's. Build a new house to combine 2 engines and a truck, then later disband one of the engines. They are much better than NY building new firehouses. NY is much better than Chicago with replacing apparatus.
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    New Seagrave Contracts

    The five year warranty is great for the city, but what would've happened if Seagrave hadn't bid? What would be the procedure if no bids are received?