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    Combination telegraph/telephone pull boxes prior to ERS?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there was every any trials or similar of pull boxes with both a telegraph and telephone function prior to the ERS era? I’ve seen a few examples of old pull boxes like this from some places in the world, and I was just curious if the FDNY ever experimented with...
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    Baghdad, Iraq, 82 dead in hospital fire

    CCTV footage of the beginning of the fire can be viewed here: It looks like someone had a go with a handheld extinguisher but with limited effect. If the fire was being driven by pure oxygen I guess it’d be difficult to put it out.
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    Baghdad, Iraq, 82 dead in hospital fire

    Some reports say that the fire started where the oxygen supply was stored, and an explosion followed with very rapid fire spread. The hospital is said to not have had adequate fire safety precautions. —————————————————— 82 dead in Iraq Covid hospital fire, 110 wounded: ministry AFP / Omni 25...
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    Saint Petersburg,Russia Historic Textile Factory Building Fire 4/12/2021

    One LODD and two hospitalized firefighters. This was a bad one.
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    During August 2019 Bronto and E/One were demonstrating a 200 foot plus Aerial Platform in NYC is there a thread here about it?

    I guess part of the reason why the really tall aerials have gotten popular in some parts of the world recently is with the realization that some high rises have flammable cladding, following Grenfell Tower. NYC, from what I can gather, doesn’t really seem have that problem, so perhaps there’s...
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    Stockholm, Sweden terrorist attack from a firefighter's perspective

    Not sure if this is in the right sub-forum but I'll give it a go: As you may have notived there was a terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden last week on Friday. A man hijacked a truck and drove it down a pedestrian street, Drottninggatan, killing four and injuring 19 along the way. A...
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    Sweden: Largest forest fire in decades entering day 11

    A large forest fire erupted in the province of V?stmanland, Sweden on July 31st and is still raging as of today. At the moment the fire breaks are holding but extremely hot and dry weather means that spreading will resume if the wind picks up. Currently some 37,000 acres have burned with 1,200...
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    Fire scene video from Sweden

    Hi everyone, I posted some Swedish firefighting videos to the forums a few years ago that seemed to interest some people so I'll have a go here at posting one and see if anyone is interested. Video from a major fire at the KTH school of architecture - ironically a very ugly...