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    International Fire Buff Associates - Fun, Fellowship & Fire Trucks

    Most people have specialized interests and passions through the course of their lives. Some individuals affiliate their interests with the fire service in general or with particular fire departments. Their interest is often expressed by supportive activities such as photography, historical...
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    Company Anniversaries

    Engine 258's patch shows their organization date as 1891, which is the year that they were organized as a career company in the Long Island City FD. How do companies determine their organization date?  By the date they became part of FDNY?; or the date they became a career company in any...
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    The Bridgeport Shuffle

    March 1st, 1964, the Bridgeport FD moved four engine companies among existing firehouses when it closed Engine 1's John Street house. Engine 1 moved to HQ on Middle St, displacing Engine 5 Engine 5 moved to lower Madison Ave, displacing Engine 4 Engine 4 moved to Maplewood St, displacing Engine...