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    Who were the Best FDNY SCUBA Divers pre-9/11 late 1990s?

    Paul was still at rescue 1 Into the 2000’s
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    5/12/21 New Haven CT Signal 22 Box 1501 LODD

    Info for outside organizations
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    5/12/21 New Haven CT Signal 22 Box 1501 LODD

    It’s been a rough week in New Haven
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    5/12/21 New Haven CT Signal 22 Box 1501 LODD
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    3/31/21 Staten Island 5th Alarm Box 1150

    If they were flowing water they would have to shut down to put the foam tip on the gun
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    Things just won’t be the same when Covid is over. NYC will hopefully rebound like they did years ago.
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    Snow Storm Viola Staffing

    Al Gore lost and climate change disappeared with his non sense
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    Hamden, Ct Fatal House Fire 3/9/21

    10 minutes Brad? The old Brad could have made it in 4 minutes.
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    3/5/21 New Haven CT Signal 73 Box 1001

    New Haven’s burnin
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    New Haven, Ct House Fire 2/26/21

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    New Haven, Ct House Fire 2/26/21

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    Ferrara ladders

    As far as I can tell, the bid was opened. It does not appear that the bid was awarded or denied yet.
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    New Seagraves

    And it will probably have the most pump hours
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    I agree with what you’re saying but your numbers are off. Universal Gold goes for about $40 per gallon. A 5 gallon bucket of universal gold is only about $200.
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    Foam Tender

    Aahhh, you got me, thought it was far more recent
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    Foam Tender

    I’ll have to look but there was a video a few weeks back of the foam tender pulling up on scene, it was some kinda of mva on a highway that involved a box truck. Hazmat and a full foam response
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    Foam Tender

    Foam tender was taking in runs as of a couple weeks ago
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    9/21/20 New Haven CT 73 Box 1002

    Long ride for T-4
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    Battalion / Division Cars Was this style chief car ever used, anyone know the back story on it or what happened to it?
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    8/10/20 Queens All Hands Box 0302

    No hose wagon and satellite?