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  1. firebuffkevin

    KME Engines

    I know that KME did not complete its contract to build engines and that Seagrave is the new supplier. But how are the KME engines holding up?? Do the firefighters who have KME engines like them? Will they eventually get into the spare pool?
  2. firebuffkevin

    4/27/2020 House Fire Chicago Actually two fires going

    South side    200 block of W 58 St. ABC 7 Chicago chopper is over the fire.  Multiple story wood frame home is burning. The chopper turns to the right and goes a few blocks over and another building is fully involved looks like a commercial...
  3. firebuffkevin

    Major fire at Southwest Florida Airport

    Not far from my house to the south of airport Check under NATIONAL for more information
  4. firebuffkevin

    Ladder Work In Boston Today

    Get those sticks up!! Boston FD surrounds building with for sticks and one tower ladder Click on the first picture  ;)
  5. firebuffkevin

    Chicago Three Alarm

    3-11 8500 Vincennes
  6. firebuffkevin

    Flags from Ground Zero
  7. firebuffkevin

    9/11 Never Forget

    Iconic Image Firefighters George Johnson, Dan McWilliams and Billy Eisengrein raise a flag at ground zero in New York after the terror attacks on...
  8. firebuffkevin

    Philadelphia Building Collapse12-21-2018
  9. firebuffkevin

    The SHOPS

    Found this information in an article in Fire/Rescue written by Bob Vaccaro in 2008. Maybe someone has more updated info  :) FDNY Fleet Services More than 2,100 vehicles 5 repair facilities ? 280 personnel $100 million budget $3 million parts inventory $6.5 million in repair parts issued...
  10. firebuffkevin

    Contract Awarded for new 2000 GPM High Pressure Pumper to KME

    Again according to Jack Lerch, KME has been awarded a contract to build one 2000 GPM high pressure pumper to replace a 2008 Seagrave Maurader in service at Engine 8. The other High Pressure pumpers are all Seagraves. Four are 2013(s) and 3 are 2014 according to Lerch.
  11. firebuffkevin

    New Contracts For 2000 GPM KME Pumpers Now Awarded to Seagrave 1/23/2019

    As reported by Jack Lerch in the  July-August 2018 edition of Fire Apparatus Journal  KME has been awarded three separate purchase orders  for 82 new 2000 GPM pumpers. 2019    10 units 2020    47 units 2021    25 units Let's follow the deliveries as they come to NYC
  12. firebuffkevin

    FDNY Logos for scale Model Fire Truck

    I am finishing up making a wooden fire truck for the grand kids.  I  am lettering it for E274 our childhood fire company.  I am looking for FDNY logos about 1" tall    Any suggestions where I could get some ? ThanksI
  13. firebuffkevin

    Wooden fire truck

    I am finishing up making a wooden fire truck for the grand kids.  I  am lettering it for E274 our childhood fire company.  I am looking for FDNY logos about 1" tall    Any suggestions where I could get some ? Thanks
  14. firebuffkevin

    Bonita Springs FL Small Aircraft Crash

    A small aircraft crashed into the woods in Bonita Springs Florida late this morning.  The crash site is in the southern  and eastern most part of Lee County, along the Collier County border. The area is about 1000 feet north of the eighth hole of the Bonita National Golf and Country Club...
  15. firebuffkevin

    Chicago Squad 5 Snorkel in Action

    Building fire in Chicago using the new snorkel of Squad 5 Snorkel arrives around 7:50
  16. firebuffkevin

    Unusual Fire Truck Fire truck/ambulance combo

    Fire truck/ambulance combo Some departments around the world are using a fire truck and ambulance hybrids. The apparatus come equipped with a built-in ambulance in the middle, allowing crews to use just one vehcile to be prepared for a scene. The catch-all vehicle also comes with a special lift...
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    3/6/17 to 3/8/17 Collier County Wildfires NAPLES FLORIDA AREA

    Southwest Florida  east of Naples The is a major fire burning in Collier County for the last two days.  I can see the smoke from my street 20 miles north. The fire is outh of the I 75 portion called Alligator Alley We saw crews travelling in batallions on I 75 south to Naples from Punta Gorda...
  18. firebuffkevin

    3/5/17 Lee County Florida Wildfires

    We certainly need rain in southwest Florida.  Sunday we had three major brush/wildfires in Lee.  Two were in Leigh Acres east of Fort Myers and the interstate 75. Some homes were scorched on the outside.  Plastic siding really curls from the heat.  No injuries from the fires. The other fire was...
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    The Bravest

    What ever happened to The Bravest?  The used to have all the boro feeds and a running commentary by members of the forum.
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    9/11/2015 10- 75 Brooklyn Box 3703

    Avenue F and McDonald Avenue Around 21:25