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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    I second that emotion. Thanks Mack and keep it coming!
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    6/24/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 4165

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    6/30/20 Brooklyn All Hands 10-77 Box 3431

    And also numerous calls for EMS due to shootings, assaults, stabbings and other activities.
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Great photo of 61's 750gpm Ward LaFrance!
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    Ponder this....

    As you all know brand names and logos that have been in use for decades, years and maybe more are being removed as they are deemed disparaging. Certain words are facing the same demise. The most recent one is "Master" as in "Master Suite, Master Bath, "Gravy Master" and so on. My question is...
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    6-27-80 DOUBLE LODDs.

    God Bless you both and your families.
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    Charleston 9 Memorial on Savannah Highway vandalized, officials say

    Willie, there is one answer to your question although probably not politically correct in some minds. These vandalizers are savages and have no conscience or regard for a "sacred" memorial.
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    You'll notice that DeBozo starts his layoff plan with EMT's. EMS, the brunt of b.s. in "Fun City" as usual.
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    Never heard anything good about the IAFF from those in the know.
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    6/24//20 Queens All Hands Box 4519

    296 oos for new rig orientation and 272 oos for education day.
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    Oh Those Busy Fourth of Julys

    I guess we know where a good deal of stimulus checks went.
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    6/24//20 Queens All Hands Box 4519

    15-02 at one time was a Merkle's Meat Market and right next to it was a movie theater. Just to add to the nostalgia, directly across the street was Bohack's Super Market.
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday Sir!
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    Famous Folks/Fireman Fathers

    Thanks Ed
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    It's not a matter of PD hiding something, it's a matter of the lawbreakers knowing whose doing what and where.
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    Famous Folks/Fireman Fathers

    He was a FF in L130 and BC in the 3rd Bn. or was it the 18th? Don't recall.
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    Oh that's just a coincidence. (yeah right)
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    6/19/20 Manhattan 10-76 Box 34

    That's not news Chief. It's normal exercise of the "rights of the in crowd." do what you want when you want without fear of reprisal. Sad state of affairs in today's society. However had there been an injury of a civilian(s) caused by responding units or an injury or worse of a civilian(s) as a...
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    6/15/20 Queens 10-75 Box 4568

    t123ken, that too is a great photo. Was the year of the rig given?
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    6/16/20 Manhattan 10-76 Box 715

    Maybe they count the tv/radio transmitter pad as stories?