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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    "mack", I don't think too many guys here would "disagree" with me when I say; "This FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section", just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER. In the latest check here we see since you first started this December 31, 2017, already over 250,000 views. So I...
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    News of Members

    This evening, Thursday July 2nd, "The Getting Salty Experience", presented FDNY Firefighter Captain John Calamari, aka "jkal" on this site. Retired FDNY Captain Calamari presented some great stories to the viewing audience. If you missed the live show, you should be able to check it out later...
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    Requesting User Name Change

    Members of, we still have members that would like to go back to their "USER NAMES" - BEFORE - the new site change had to be made. Our Boss, FDNY Lt Tommy Bendick, who owns and runs this web site certainly does his best to keep things running smoothly and keep us all happy. He does...
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2020

    June, 2020 Fire Activity: Staten Island: No Multiple Alarm Activty Queens: 6/10 - 3rd Alarm - Box 7999 Manhattan: 6/4 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1675 Brooklyn: 6/1 - 2nd Alarm - Box 0784 6/5 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1928 6/11 - 2nd Alarm - Box 0982 Bronx: 6/1 - 2nd Alarm - Box 3444 6/16 - 2nd...
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    Find Raiser for NYPD 10 Pct

    Members of this site, over the last couple of weeks I have been in discussion with Frank M., "manhattan", about a fund raiser that he is setting up for the members of NYPDs 10th Pct. As many of us know, Frank has been involved in the annual Father Judge Memorial Walk, and also has organized the...
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    All Borough Feed

    Brad, "Signal73" you certainly do a GREAT Job for all of us here. You frequently post rundowns of incidents, you contribute to the monthly FDNY Fire Activity thread and the Boro maps in Citywide. For me personnelly, you have always posted any photos I sent to you within minutes of my asking...
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    All Borough Feed

    10-4 Signal 73. Boss notified K
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    I have a video of this riot situation that a friend sent me. The video last about 5 minutes. Totally "uncivilized chaos" is the only way I can describe it. As I see it, "I'm glad I'm on the outside looking in". My guess is that NYC is in some very serious trouble unless something is done to...
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    Thoughts of Our Time

    I guess with everything going on these days, we all need a little something to lift our spirits up. So I looked into the archives of a much happier time and I found this. I'm sure many of us, somewhat senior members, will probably recognize some of these familiar faces of a much happier time...
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    The guidelines of the Seattle Fire Dept involving the treatment of patients which could be a threat to incoming firefighters is similar to what many cities and towns across America have in place. As I remember, this type of policy was developed many years ago when firefighters would often come...
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    Charleston 9 Memorial on Savannah Highway vandalized, officials say

    WHY ? Why would somebody do that ? As firefighters, volunteer or city paid, we ask that question. Families and friends of those nine firefighters ask that same question. May the Charleston Nine continue to Rest in Peace.
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    Bridgeport FD Changes

    Thank you once again Brad. I am very proud of my brother George. When he got on the job in Bridgeport, he went on just as that city was starting to see it's own set of War Years. The cities workload of fires was beginning to increase dramatically. Similar to what it's neighbor, NYC about 50...
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    Bridgeport FD Changes

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH BRAD For Posting that picture of Mr Frankie D and the Most Reverend Elwood, with another great guy who was dedicated and into the job, Bridgeport Asst Chief John McNochil. In the late 1970s, there had been a court ordered freeze on hiring Bridgeport Firefighters due to a...
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Joe, "mack", what a GREAT JOB. This latest history on Engine 58/Ladder 26 is "special to me". Back in 1968/69, I was just starting to get into buffing the FDNY after my initial introduction to Engine Co 210 and Rescue 2 on Carlton Ave, Brooklyn. It was also a time before the very popular book...
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    Television from a different time

    It was a certainly a few laughs when Frank Sinatra and Don Rickles, appeared on the Johnny Carson Show.
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    News of Members

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY REVEREND. Here's a special song for you sung by another one of Mr Frankie D's "fdce54" very special lady friends. So here it is with many more Happy and Healthy Ones to come. As our good friend Frank D says; "Reverend, this one's for you". But Rev, if you listen closely, I...
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    Dan, I guess that was my "Lucky Day". As most of us know, there aren't too many tillers around. I think the FDNY has maybe 18-20, I'm not sure. Here in Connecticut there's only four cities that have them. Norwalk has One, Meriden has One, New London has One and I think New Haven has Two. In...
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    FLAG DAY 2020...JUNE 14.

    THANK YOU Chief for posting this video of "Cop Saves American Flag". A FLAG that people like you and thousands of others like you fought for. Thousands suffered for and some died for. Like so many others here, "my father fought for that Flag too". Just like the thousands of others who fought...
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    FLAG DAY 2020...JUNE 14.

    "Lebby", Philip D, after reading what happened to this American Flag, one member of this site contacted me to say that he has an American Flag that he would like to donate to replace the flag on the back of your rig that was destroyed. That member we know as "manhattan", aka Frank M. Of course...
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    The NYPD tells "their side of recent events that have occurred" while they handle 375 MILLION interactions with the public yearly.