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    June 30, 1926 2 LODDs

    Well known that they're not forgotten.
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    I like the idea of the "rollers" at about 8:05 to clear water out of the hose lengths as they're placed back on the apparatus bed. Looks like that concept would be easy enough to incorporate on engines to make life easier for members taking up. Give it a couple of years and it'll be on all the...
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    Ponder this....

    For my part, I think it's disgraceful that the term "manhole" wasn't renamed as "personhole" decades ago. And why do FDNY and Con Ed continue to refer to "manhole fires" in this enlightened age? Why has the Master Lock Company not yet been forced to join the New Age? Why have all books and...
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    Large hale, very strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Chelsea (two-and-a-half miles away) had showers and sunshine at the same time.
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    Don't call him a clown, Chief. Emmett Kelly and Bozo could sue you for slander.
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    300 BLOCK OF 23rd STREET, 8th to 9th AVENUES

    Thank you.
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    300 BLOCK OF 23rd STREET, 8th to 9th AVENUES

    Does anyone have anything about FDNY and Con Ed activity on Friday, 26 June in the afternoon, 23rd Street, 8th to 9th Avenues? PD had the entire block closed to traffic in both directions for a few hours and Con Ed still has a large presence at this time. Thank you.
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    1:64 Mack C with some custom lights

    Xavier - Welcome aboard a wonderful international site! Glad you've joined us. Would you care to let us know how you found The Site? And great job on your model.
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    GEWITTER MIT STARKREGEN IN HILDEN - Feuerwehr & THW nach Unwetter viele Stunden im Dauereinsatz GO TO FOR 14:07 VIDEO
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    Irvington, NJ 2nd Alarm 6/19/20

    Thanks, Majestirium. You usual fine work!
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    STATUE OF LIBERTY, NY HARBOR ARRIVAL ANNIVERSARY Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor 61720
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    TPF = SRG and CRG, CPOP = NCO etc, etc, etc. Same ideas, different names. I wonder how Anti-Crime will be re-named and how long it will take for them to be back out on the street. By the way. If only some cops are "Anti-Crime" cops , does that mean all other cops are "Pro Crime"? And if...
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    FLAG DAY 2020...JUNE 14.

    Thanks for posting this, Chief. Flag Day should be a national holiday and it's a disgrace that so few people even know that such an observance exists.
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    Boston Fire Department 1930s

    The days of "Iron Men, Leather Lungs and Wooden Johnny-Plugs". Imagine if OSHA saw some of that stuff happening today!
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    Longest serving Chicago fire fighter retires

    God Bless, Chief O'Donnell and best wishes for many years of healthy and happy retirement. I hope your years of experience will continue to be passed on to future generations of those who serve.
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    Thoughts of Our Time

    Unfortunately - and I've seen it proven irrefutably for more years than I like to remember - ya' can't fight stupid. Stupid wins every damn time. Period. End of story. All she wrote.
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    Time Stamp

    Paging Mr. Serling Mr. Rod Serling. Call for Mr. Rod Serling!
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    It's done and my priests, nuns and other friends are in on it. God bless you for posting this, Chief.
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    USG CIVIL UNREST PREPARATIONS Fire and Emergency Medical Services Response to Civil Unrest