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    Medal of Honor

    Yesterday I heard Chief Richardson mention in his speech how the department had two members awarded the Medal of Honor. I know of FF James Smith from R*1 who was awarded the Medal in 1903 for his actions during the Boxer Rebellion, but am unaware of the second member. Does anyone have an idea as...
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    New EMS Divisions

    Over the course of the last three years the department has increased the number of Divisions to decrease and equalize the span of control over the stations. Essentially making them all the same size. In 2018 there was only five Divisions: Division 1: Manhattan (Stations 4, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16)...
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    7/11/21 Manhattan Sinkhole Box 1242

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    6/17/21 Queens 10-77 Box 9237

    98-17 Horace Harding Second floor fire E*324, 289, 287 L*138, 136, 151F BN*46 R*4 SQ*288
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    Carins Bros "K" (1967-1968) leather helmet from L*86, badge #841 for sale. Good condition, with exception that the liner has fallen out (not lost, just fallen out). DM for pricing, also opening to trading. I have attempted to reach out to the members of L*86 to no avail, if anyone has better...
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    BK Dispatcher Fundraiser T-Shirt

    As some of you may have seen the Senior Member from Brooklyn C.O., Dispatcher 180 recently lost everything in a recent fire to compound matters he himself has been off the job for the last few months due to illness. In a effort to raise money, Ten Three Graphics (who currently are the official...
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    NYPD Officer LODD/ EOW
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    2020 Medal Day

    On Wednesday, April 14th. The Department will be hosting it's Annual Medal Day Ceremony. This year's event will be held at Pier 17 in Manhattan and will begin at 1100 Hours.
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    Philadelphia Fire Department Antiques

    I'm looking to sell or possibly trade (for FDNY items that pique my interest) the majority of my Philadelphia collection. The pricing will be what I paid for them, not looking to make profit just get them to someone who will be able to appreciate them more then I currently am. Reach out via...
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    Passing of Jack Wright

    Fireman's Hall Museum regretfully announces the passing of Jack Wright, Philadelphia Fire Department Historian and long-time museum volunteer. A lifelong resident of Philadelphia, Jack became fascinated by Engine 53 and Ladder 27 responding to alarms in his South Philadelphia neighborhood. This...
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    3/31/2021 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1472

    Address: 126 La Salle Street - between Claremont Avenue & Broadway 50 x 125 NFP 6 Story Fire contained to the compactor room. E-37,80,47,59,69 L-40,30,28(Fast),22 B-16,12 R-1 SQ-41 D-3
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    FDNY EMS 25th Anniversary

    Today, marks the 25th anniversary of the merger of EMS with FDNY from HHC.
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    3/3/21 Bronx 10-77 Box 3010

    1575 East 174 Street E45, 96, 82, 90, 94HRN, 46Cfr L58, 54, 31F, 41, 48 Batt 18, 3, D6 R3, SQ61
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    Old Chief's Car Question

    Saw this picture (I believe a Matthew Daly shot) and was curious what the bubble on top the Chief's car was. Most likely the 13 BC
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    12/18/20 Newark 3rd Alarm

    Fire Location: 119 South 11th Street Three 2.5 story frames involved with partial collapse
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    10/4/20 Bronx US Marshals Shot

    At 5:30 US Marshals were serving a warrant on a suspect in the shooting of a Massachusetts State Police Trooper, during the course of the raid three US Marshals were shot. All non critical, thankfully. The suspect was also wounded with his condition currently unknown.
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    Companies with the most First Due Work?

    Was curious if any of our more statistically inclined members could answer what engine and truck had the most first due All Hands fires in 2019. Supposedly there is a sheet with these numbers floating around somewhere.
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    11/19/20 Manhattan 2nd Alarm Box 1123

    98 Riverside Drive, Apartment 3F
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    2020 9/11 Tribute in Light

    Despite all the terrible events which have unfolded this year, it's good to see that somethings remain the same. We never forget. Huge thank you to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation for helping keep the promise this year.
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    FDNY Layoffs

    Unfortunately, due to the loss of tax revenue and economic downturn the city is facing a budget crisis. Supposedly if it is not bailed out by 10/1/20, 22,000 city employees will be laid off in a cost saving measure. For FDNY that means a projected 1,000 Firefighters and 400 EMTs laid off...