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    9/17/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0694

    from what i recall these projects have no standpipe..handstretch
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    Ladder 343

    having the honor and privilege to recover victims from the WTC site i strongly disagree with both comments. in my opinion...the mural depicts bringing a person home to their loved ones.
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    rest in peace doctor maloney a doctor from the medical office who in my opinion and experience really cared he was very proud of his irish roots and his brother john who was a fireman in L114
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    9/3/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 786

    no 217?
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    Remnants of Ida Updates/Incidents

    when walking down a flooded street probe with a tool in front of aware of dislodged manhole covers.
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    rest in peace "TIPS"
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    Ladder 114

    company pride kept that building clean and well maintained.
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    Tom Holian

    Lt. Tom Holian L114 on the fire floor he was tough as nails yet as calm as could be.. he taught us well and always took care of his men..a true gentleman rest in peace "TIPS"
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    8/14/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3606

    nice positioning by TL161 right on the corner covering both sides of fire bldg
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    7/26/21 Manhattan Hydrant-Parking McLaren

    put a spray cap on the hydrant and open the hydrant
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    7/10/21 Staten Island 10-75 Box 366

    yes it is..right next door to joyces tavern
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    5/26/21 Manhattan 10-77 Box 880

    great test question for promotion
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    5/20/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 0129

    a hipster brush fire at the roof level.
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    3/31/21 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 2033

    from what i am hearing E161 did a great job knocking down fire on all 3 floors. the only handline in the bldg early on assisted and relieved by E214 front of fire bldg left open for ladder companies as far as where 161 rig 161 and ask them in my opinion this was an engine one...
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    3/31/21 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 2033

    watching the video it appears E161 got in 1st due stretched and operated the only line inside the fire bldg knocking down 3 floors of fire. also appears 214 assisted with the stretch and then relieved 161 on the top floor. nice to see a true aggressive interior engine job.
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    3/22/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 746

    bed-stuy/bushwick there are quite a few single engine companies around. many a times you could see the smoke from a job knowing you wont be assigned till the 2nd alarm meanwhile when you look at the area in brooklyn between canarsie and flatlands there are no companies there a long run for both...
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    3/12/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 0653

    i shake my head sometimes regarding the dispatch response patterns. 217 has a straight run down dekalb ave into that area.
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    3/4/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1240

    also S252 had an early morning relocation to R5
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    Snow Storm Viola Staffing

    Where is this global warming I keep hearing about?
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    1/27/21 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 1241

    another good argument for 5 men engines.