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    3/23/21 Manhattan AHW 10-77 Box 0729

    330 West 36th 8 story FP 45x90 class 2 MD L 21 gave the 10-75 Batt 9 using AHW 2151 Div 3 2 LS - 2 LO water on the fire Primary negative fire in the shaft in the basement E-3 HRN E-65 CRFD E-39 w/ HR-2 Vent support B-6 Safety L-24 FAST
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    Buona Festa di San Giuseppe!

    Happy St Joseph's Day! The patron Saint of Sicily... Wear red if you can and eat a Zeppole or 3!
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    Rescue 1 video

    from a few years back - some great photos of the members and jobs a tip of the cap to whoever made this - great photos and music! be well Mark
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    2/26 Manhattan 10-75/10-70 342 Madison Box 0200

    fire on the 5th floor of a 6th 60x80 Class 1 building extra engine and truck requested by Div 1 Eng 6 ladder 20 ladder 1 Fast fire in apartment 5C 5th floor positive water source established and 1 line being stretched K searches negative on the PWH per Battalion 10-2 rescue and Squad
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    2/26 Manhattan suspicious vehicle - rad hit

    came in late....58th and broadway area - hearing companies staged Box and Car 11B and hazmat Units OS Div 3 reporting owner of vehicle found and does not appear suspicious - reporting a survey device in vehicle that is giving off readings above background ESU to make entry K Div 3 Chief...
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    Person in the water East river @E 34th box 730

    Reported person jumped off ferry R1 has a diver in the water SC R4
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    EMS station bomb threats 10/27/19

    any word on the number of them and stations affected?  seeing multiple coming in be safe MVS
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    Dispatch Matrix

    does anyone have a rundown of minor vs major response for the 10-60 matrix? Also the haz-mat matrix thanks!