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    75-2971 10/08/20 1st Due E45/L58
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    75-2971. 10/08/20
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    6/7/20 Bronx All Hands Box 2949

    878 East 176 St. Approximately 1300 hours. Large volume of rubbish in the rear with minor extension to exposure 3 (1831 Waterloo Pl.) E45, E46, E82 L58, L27 B18 No special units.
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    05/13/20. 75-2674

    0232 Hours 1710 Seward Ave. 7 Story Class 1 Fire in Apt. 2-C E96, E64, E45, E90 L54, L47 L58 Fast R3 Squad 61 B18, B 20 Div 6
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    135 Elliot Place 4th floor. Alot of work on that block in the 80?s and 90?s.
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    Quiet In Bronx

    No fire duty in the Bronx in 6 days. Great job by the men with regards to BISP.
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    07-30-13 Bronx All-Hands Box 2774

    All Hands . 5 Story MD. Fire on top floor. W 172 and Jesup Place. E68/L49 E92/L44 B17 Extra Engine and Truck.  E43 and L33
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    Bronx 7-5 3165. 01/25/2012

    585 E 181 St between Monterey & Lafontaine All Hands for large rubbish fire on 2nd floor and A stairs. 10 story project . Heavy smoke condition throughout. E88, E46, E45 L38, L27 Battalion 18 Approximately 2000 hours
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    Bronx All Hands 2939 on 05/06

    1861 Carter Ave. Around 1720 Hours Fire in basement of 2 story PD. E46,E42,E92,E50 L27, L44 B17 L19 Fast Original box came in for E175 St & Webster Ave.
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    2nd Alarm on 12/3?

    Heard there was a 2nd on Crotona Ave & Fairmont Pl last night. Any info?
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    Minor Accidents

    Why are minor apparatus accidents posted? They are a non event.
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    The Fire Next Door.

    I recently viewed a post where somebody said they had a copy of this documentary but now I can't find it.  I have been looking for that documentary for years with no luck. Any way to get a link put on this site or YouTube? Thanks.