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    LA City FD Robot

    They don't currently have possession of the demo unit, as it's being used as such with other departments. Also, it's not rented, leased, etc. FDNY is expected to decide on a purchase in the near future. At that point, it will be kept at the Rock.
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    LA City FD Robot

    FDNY was just testing a demo provided by the manufacturer. I don't think they've purchased one yet. The manufacturer states that LAFD is the first in the nation to purchase one: Source:
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    FDNY ditches tech partner, tries to revamp dispatch system on its own
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    FDNY Leases Several New Ambulances To Fill Transcare Void

    FDNY has leased several new ambulances to fill the voids left by Transcare. The order was to get new ambulances ASAP. They appear to be Ford F-350 Superdutys with a Wheeled Coach module, and not FDNY spec. It's unknown the exact total that will be delivered. They are intended to be used until...
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    Ex-FDNY Fireboat to become firefighting themed restaurant in Tarrytown

    John Mckean Ex Marine 1
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    High Rise Units

    The current High Rise Units (2002 Mack/Saulsbury) are getting close to 14 years old. Do these units get a lot of wear and tear, and any idea if/when they'll be replaced?
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    FDNY New Brush Fire Unit 7

    FDNY Brush Fire Unit 7 2015 International Workstar 4x4/KME Shop # IM16002 Assigned with Engine Company 266 in the Rockaways Can't seem to get all my photos to work here. The rest are at:
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    FDNY Orders 12 More Ferrara Ladders