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    Ladder 113

    this is just speculation but.... it could be that in the long run something good could come out of the incidentfor 113 if 113 gets the first new seagrave rear mount as replacement....
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    MIRT Unit

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    Fire Engine symbol

    don't think it is a specific apparatus more a general view of a 1920-40's fire truck...
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    New Seagraves

    anyone know what the difference in specs are with the current squad 8 (the old engine 165 haz tec engine) and the other squad spec. rigs from 2013? Are they pretty much the same or is there a huge difference?
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    New Seagraves

    No grill number on Sq8....
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    High Ladders here is a picture of it
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    If they paint the grill numbers White instead of white that will be a really cool truck
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    i have noticed that on some of the newer clothing there is only one yellow stripe on the arms instead of two as it has allways been... is this a new standard?
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    Assignment of new apparatus

    here is one pic of 164
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    New Seagraves

    could it be a new engine 165?
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    New Seagraves

    E63 would look real nice with the letters in the grill painted white to go with the rest of the numbers on it
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    Reserves vs Spares

    The idea is that the new 2020 rigs they have will be the main truck and the old rigs will be kept fully stocked at each rescue company as a spare...
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    New Tillers

    will the new tillers replace old ones? or are they actually gonna move 5 RM's into tillers? i mean it seems abit early to replace 7-8 year old tillers when most ladders in FDNY go for 10+ years....
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    During August 2019 Bronto and E/One were demonstrating a 200 foot plus Aerial Platform in NYC is there a thread here about it?

    The tallest one they make is F112 for the world market that one reach 367 feet....and can use a 660gpm stream.... the tallest one i can find that they make along with E-one is F295HLA at 295 ft and 1000gpm stream..... the tallest one should reach somewhere around the 30-35th floor...that i asume...
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    New Seagraves

    How often does the Squads change apparatus? is it every 10th year or so like that engines or more rarely like the ladders or more often like the rescues? Cause it would look really nice with Yellow grill number with the new style...
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    new seagrave rearmount order

    so i read in another thread that seagrave won the bid for 55 rearmounts. Does anyone know if they have been awarded it yet and if they will be highroofed like the Ferraras are or low roof like the old Seagraves?
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    New Seagraves

    Any one know if Engine 254 will get a jump in que to get a new one after theirs got damaged? It looks like it will take some repairs to get back on the road again...