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    New york trip

    Ok folks...we are planning a nyc trip nov 21 to 24. There will be 4 of us. Fire museum is one place to visit along witn all the other sites. Any ideas for a decent hotel to stay at? Thanks
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    Steven scher photos

    Does anyone know how to make contact with Steven scher. I would like to purchase one of his photos of the fdny that I have  seen in some of his books.
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    Masking up protocol

    Just curious, does the fdny have an S.O.P of when the crews are supposed to fully mask up when operating at a fire. Is is procedure to wait until you enter fire building?
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    New York Visit

    At the end of April I will be in harrisburg PA for the last part of the week. I was planning on going to the New York Fire Musuem on saturday. Being my first trip to the city, should I drive straight to the musuem and find parking or should I stop in jersey somewhere and take an alternate mode...
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    FDNY operations manual

    Does anybody have an older copy of the FDNY operations manual that they would like to sell? I seen one on ebay but they want more to ship it than the cost of the book.  thanks
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    When you hear field com give progress reports at a fire, is this information wrote down on a note card or something of the sort? Is there a form they fill out for each report givin at a fire? If so could someone post what one looks like? 
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    Engine co's

    Odd question much hose, supply and attack hose, does each engine carry? Is it the same for all engine co's? Or does each company fit it with what they fell they need?
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    company run numbers

    If a company relocates to cover another and a run comes in for the co that they are covering, who gets credit for the run? the covering co or the original co?
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    Red Hook Brooklyn

    Can you tell me which company or companies operate in Whats called "RED HOOK" Brooklyn? Which battalion(s) cover this area?
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    Who designs specs for engines/trucks

    How does the FDNY spec out its trucks/engines? Who gets to be on that commity? Do they only use top brass or a mix of FF's and White hats?
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    Can someone explain the purpose of the maxi-water co's. I hear them dispatched to big jobs and setting up at specific "hook up sites", what do they do when there? I know they are bigger pumps than normal engines but what do they do once on site. Relay water or boost line pressure in the city...
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    gardners warehouse fire?

    Can anyone give me the time frame of the fire at Gardners Warehouse in lower Manhattan? I think it was in the late 70's around september. It was supposed to be one of the bigger fires in years at that time. I'm doing a little research and need info. thanks
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    Dispatchers 3rd alarm....?

    I hear  sometimes on various audio clips when a Chief calls for a 2nd alarm(for example) when they dispatch it they say "dispatches 3rd" transmitted for 2nd alarm for fire at......  What is the readon for this?
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    FDNY Command Board (table)

    What do these command boards look like? Is it just a blank dry erase board that they just scetch a scene on and place magnets with truck #'s on them or is it set up a certain way? I never really seen a good pic of one and was just curious.
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    fdny crews

    what is the normal assignment of men per company per shift? Truck Engine Squad Rescue Has this changed much from the past?
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    FDNY Superpumper system

    What ever happend to these units? When did they stop using them?  Are they still around? (hopefully not scrapped)
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    Oldest ranking officer FDNY

    Does anyone know who is the oldest (in years served) officer in the FDNY.  Rank and unit. Anybody over 25 yrs?
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    old school leather helmets

    I know the FDNY is up to date with it's turnout gear as are all the major cities. I still see in photos and video clips of firefighters still wearing the older (better in my opinion) leather helmets. Does the "Brass" worry about stuff like this? I read some where (I think Boston) that the brass...
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    FDNY & POLICE Emergency

    I see in the recent crane collapse in the city, police emergency services along with FDNY units where on scene. Are they dispatched together on incidents like this or do they respond on there own? Just curious.
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    Talk about a busy year!!

    The winter of 1976, the worst in 75 yrs. The FDNY defiantly earned a paycheck that year! Oct. - Bronx Social Club fire kills 25., Nov.- 3 - four alarm fires. One in the Bronx and 2 in Manhattan. Dec. - A 4th alarm & A 5th alarm in Manhattan simultaneously.         Brooklyn had A 3rd alarm that...