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    I believe it was donated to Eastern Kentucky University???
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    6/21/21 Queens 10-75 Box 5178

    Where did the above map come from?
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    5/17/21 Staten Island All-Hands Box 1954

    Nice placement by L83
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    10/8/2020 Manhattan 10-75 Box 539

    Did I see B 32 wearing a leather helmet? Are they issuing those again or can you buy your own?
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    They are floats for the strainers at the end of the hard suction, to keep them afloat and off the bottom of the pond
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    New PPE?

    I agree the Lion is a lot say less bulky and may feel like it fits better but in our department, we field tested Lion, Globe along with our existing Morning Pride and found out the Morning Pride holds up better. I guess time will tell with FDNY, 4 Truck comments since its been almost a year...
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    Satellite units

    I thought I had read on another thread that the Satellite units didn't met spec's due to using parts manufactured outside the United States, is this correct?
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    New PPE?

    Saw some pictures today at the dedication of the playground in Queens for Lt. Davidson and saw some guys with Squad 288 coats on that looked a little unusual.  Is that the new PPE they are issuing now?  Anyone know how it is holding up?
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    Cincinnati, Ohio - Active Shooter in Downtown at Fountain Square
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    Interactive Site Map

    Anyone else having trouble accessing the interactive site map.  I can see the first map but then when click on the interactive, it is blank for all boros
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    Cincinnati OH - 4 Alarm with FF Fatality

    4 Alarm fire in Madisonville area of Cincinnati with Mayday called and 1 Firefighter fatality and 1 firefighter with 2nd degrees burns.