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    10/14/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 3685

    Maybe: E246, E245, E253, E254 L169, L161, L153F B43, B33 Sq1 R2 D8 *E253 still at E245 quarters? Normally E276 4th due here
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    NY Daily News Today-9/23/21

    This might be the piece you are referring to:
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    Battalions vs Divisions

    Does a DC respond when there are fatalities in incidents like what happened during hurricane Ida with Members going into flooded basements to retrieve people? Or any other water incidents / rescues involving Marine Units.
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    9/1/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3688

    B33 became available and replaced B57 as safety
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    9/1/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3688

    B58 beat out B42 and is IC. B42 will be the All Hands chief
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    9/1/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3688

    Both wouldve been E246/L169 first due. My closest firehouse
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    9/1/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3688

    D15 Coney island got busy in a hurry
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    09/01/2021 Brooklyn Box :3608 "ALL HANDS"

    E318 4th due L153F Extra E&T - E253, L166
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    Remnants of Ida Updates/Incidents

    Richmond engine being very active.
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    Remnants of Ida Updates/Incidents

    Thought we could use a thread for all the current storm related incidents. Numerous Flash Flood and Tornado warnings in the area. Staten Island: *L87 has numerous cars requiring water rescue on the West Shore Expressway. *Flooding and down trees all over SI. Most of the SI units...
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    9/1/2021 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 0406

    Thank you. Updated
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    9/1/2021 Queens 10-75 Box 2104

    81-19 102 Road. 3 story PD QD - Reports of person trapped 2nd and 3rd floor. Assigning extra truck (L143) B39 - Assign extra engine (E294) due to window bars E293 - *Urgent* 10-75. B39 - All Hands. Heavy smoke 2nd and 3rd Fl. 2 L/S/O. DWH. @0210 Duration: 10 minutes. B39 - 2 10-45s...
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    9/1/2021 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 0406

    9 Monument walk D11 - Transmit the 10-77 for this box. D11 - PWH. @0147 Duration: 31 minutes FC - 2 10-45s. 1 Code 3, 1 Code 4. @0156. Duration: 40 mikes FC - Under Control. @0158. Duration:42 minutes. Maybe: E210, E205, E211, E207, E226HRN, 239CFRD L110, L118, L119F, L102, L105, L124VSU...
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    8/29/21 Bronx All-Hands Box 7435 and 7391

    I believe Car 13? responded and took command eventually
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    Milan, Italy massive fire in 20 story residential high-rise.
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    8/17/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3677

    Looks like fire extended to exposure 3
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    Next job?

    Darn. Short by a 3... looks like B33 wins
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    Next job?

    Im guessing B3
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    8/4/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 669

    With all the special units, was a 10-60 transmitted?
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    6/29/21 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 7048

    Car 7 responding