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    Father's Day

    Hey, it's Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to all my fellow fathers! Enjoy our day.
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    Happy New Year

    Wishing the members of this site and their families a Happy and Healthy New Year. May there be better days ahead for us.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Good morning everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to all the fine members of this site. Enjoy the day with your family and friends whether at home or at work. Enjoy the turkey and all the delicious desserts and be thankful for all that we have.
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    Ladder 5

    I know Johnny Gage spent some time with Ladder 5. I hope you enjoy this photo Johnny. Rig is a little before your time.
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    Happy Birthday CFDMarshall

    Today is site member CFDMarshall's birthday. I won't say how old he is because it will make Willy D jealous. This fine gentleman from the great state of Tennessee is a good friend to many of us on this site and always comes up to join us on all our get togethers and is fondly referred to as...
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the good fathers on here. Enjoy your day.
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    Happy Birthday jbendick

    Today is site member and co-creator jbendick's birthday. Happy Birthday John! Have yourself a great day and maybe enjoy some Willy D specials.
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    Happy Birthday Willy D (nfd2004)

    Today is Willie D's 70th birthday. He's entering a new decade so he will be out celebrating at his usual haunts.....Mickey D's, White Castle, Dunkin Donuts and so on. So have a Happy Birthday Willy and don't eat too much (fat chance).
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    Happy Birthday 68jk09

    Today is Chief JK's birthday. Number 74 for him. Happy Birthday Jack and here's to many more.
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    The Wall That Heals

    For those interested, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall will be driving through the village of Montgomery this evening 7/31 between 5:30 and 6:30 on Rt211 to Rt17K and then on to the Newburgh waterfront where it will be on display 8/2, 8/3, 8/4 and 8/5.
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    Lunch Get Together

    A few of us got together today for some lunch and a gab session at Pepe's Pizza in Yonkers. In the first photo we have Willy D doing what he does best. In the second photo we have a profile view of our own "mikeinthebronx" aka Santa Claus. And in the third photo, the group photo, From left to...
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    Tower Fires

    We all know there was a serious fire at the Trump Tower in Manhattan on Saturday 4/7/18. Well on Sunday 4/8/18 there was a fire at the Dennis Tower in Connecticut. It was a 10-75 all hands for a dryer fire in the bsmt. Fortunately Willie D was home and he quickly employed all his hands and his...
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    Engine 45

    The Rapid Water markings on the new rig, is that just a throw back to the old days or is the job experimenting with RW again? Photo credit to Bill Thompkins.
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    Uncle Wilfred

    Gentlemen, say a prayer for our friend Willie D. He's home in bed on this Thanksgiving day with the flu and he's too sick to eat any turkey. Maybe an emergency delivery of Big Macs or even Belly Bombs to clean him out is in order.
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    Belated Happy Birthday To Chief JK (68jk09)

    Wishing a belated Happy Birthday (4/4/17) to Chief JK, another valuable member of this site. Hope your day was as good as Willie D's was.
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    It's Willy D's Birthday again.

    Our chief cook and bottle washer, Uncle Wilfred D, is celebrating another birthday again and I think he's 39 again. Happy Birthday to my good friend Willie D. He had a very interesting day. Maybe he'll tell us about it.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I'd like to wish all the fine members  of this site and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey and fixings and don't forget to leave room for dessert. And to all those folks working today to keep us safe, you be safe too.
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    Blackout of 1977

    Thirty-nine years ago today the blackout hit. Plenty of fire activity throughout NYC that night. I was on vacation staying with friends in Santa Monica. The following morning, my buddy woke me up at 6am as he was getting ready for work to tell me about the blackout. He had the news on the...
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    Just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the members of NYCFIRE.NET. Have a great day and always be safe.
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    Sal Mazza

    I don't know if any members on this site know Sal but he was a long time FDNY buff. He used to buff at 73/42 and then 96/54. Someone had posted a video on here of a Fourth of July buff trip to the Bronx back in the 90's that Sal and his son Justin were in. They were buffing in the video at 45/58...