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    FDID # by borough...

    what are the single digit #s for the boroughs on the tickets?
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    quick question...

    Is it illegal to take pics of FDNY apparatus? If so, since when... ???
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    Protest I/F/O E70/TL53

    Heard about it last night. There was a protest in front of thier quarters on City Island to keep the night tours on. Any word on what politicians are doing to keep the 6X9 tour from getting axed?  ???
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    Cancellation of Probie Classes?

    What's the word with future classes getting cancelled? Any official word from the FDNY on what to expect?
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    LODI - Tower Ladder 44

    There was a fireman from TL44 who fell off the platform while doing AFF ventilation at a job last year (I don't remember his name) but I remember he was out of work for a while due to neck and head injuries... wondering if there has been any progress with his recovery?
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    Sig. 7-5, Staten Island Box 2292

    7-5 Staten Island Box 2292 Isernia Ave and Titus Ave Address: 16 Isernia Avenue, between Titus Avenue and Mill Road Oakwood Beach Section 1805: Telephone Alarm, Box 2292, the address 16 Isernia Ave, between Titus Avenue and Mill Road, reporting a fire in the # 2 floor  of a private dwelling...
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    Sig. 7-5, Brooklyn Box 1644

    Sunday, June 01, 2008 7-5 Brooklyn Box 1644, Brownsville Section 00:32: Telephone Alarm, Box 1644, address: 507 Howard Ave near Sterling Place, reporting a structural fire on the first floor of a multiple dwelling. 3+2: E231 E227 E332 TL120 L175 BC44 00:36: "Battalion 44 to Brooklyn...
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    least busy companies?

    Some I can think of: Engine 70 / T.Lad 53 Engine 329 Engine 151 / T.Lad 76 Any others?  ;D ;D
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    FDNY historic audio CD's

    I have a few audio CD's from a few years back, trying to do some research: A few of them have George Muench (Disp. # 247, now Brooklyn 102) to include the chaotic 4th of July, 1988. Another one I have is from the Blackout of 1977. The audio quality is less than great, but is that Warren...
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    FAST truck required for P/W/H?

    We know any all-hands job has to have a FAST truck, with or without the special units, HOWEVER: If a fire is being handled with 2+2 and the control of the fire is at P/W/H, is a FAST truck required, or can they 10-2 at the discretion of the incident commander? This has been a topic of...