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    Dan, you absolutely have a gift for telling stories and if you get as much pleasure of out of typing them as we do reading them, then please continue.
  2. BritishAndy

    19th Anniversary of the ATTACK on AMERICA

    Just to say that today the thoughts of thousands of buffs, fire service personnel and members of the public are with you. We might be thousands of miles away across the pond, but we stand with you shoulder to shoulder as always. Never forget.
  3. BritishAndy

    8/21/20 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Box 3828

    Private Dwelling @ 8 Holly Avenue, Staten Island
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    Haha she was great the Queen Mum, as for the rest of them.......
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    Dan P (JohnnyGage), I've been loving this thread since it started, even though I'm across the pond in the UK, I'm a huge FDNY buff. I listened to you on the Getting Salty podcast recently whilst taking a train journey across country and found myself getting a few glances off fellow passengers...
  6. BritishAndy

    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20

    Thanks for the information guys
  7. BritishAndy

    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20

    Hi guys, A bit late asking the question, but I read that this 'only' remained at a 3rd Alarm. Is the rundown different in San Diego for alarms compared to other cities? I assumed an incident of this size would warrant a few more alarms. Incidentally, stopped by San Diego last year on the way...
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    Our FD channels across the United Kingdom have been encrypted since around 2009, the PD went the same way a few years prior. The narrative here is simply terrorism related. Anyone listening to the radio traffic of the emergency services is clearly a criminal, terrorist or up to some sort of...
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    My younger Buff years

    Just a quick word on the Gettin Salty podcasts, I've found myself engrossed in these watching from 'across the pond'. I think these guys have nailed it, its a great mixture of humour and insight with a whole host of stories from back in the day. They dedicated an episode to the Waldbaums...
  10. BritishAndy

    Plastic Recycling Facility, Merseyside, UK

    Yesterday (20th) we had the largest fire our brigade has faced in 20 years plus. It didn't help that it happened on the hottest day of the year so far (27.8C - 82F) ACFO Dave Mottram, Incident Commander on scene, said: "We were called to Sankey Valley Industrial Estate at around 11am on...
  11. BritishAndy

    Multi-Storey Car Park Fire - Liverpool, United Kingdom

    A bit late reporting, but my local brigade (department) had one of the largest and most difficult fires for many years on New Years Eve when a 7-storey multi-storey car park was completely totalled...
  12. BritishAndy

    Boro Call / Largest Response

    Hi Guys, Forgive the question which maybe pretty straightforward to you guys, but asking from the UK across the pond. With two 7th alarms transmitted in the last week I noticed on the individual topics for these incidents people make reference to a boro call. One of the guys explained it...
  13. BritishAndy

    First Time in New York

    Hi Guys, It's a while since I posted on here so please forgive me. In April I am flying out to NYC for five nights with a group of friends from the UK. The reason for this holiday is a buffing trip as its one of our guys 30th birthday. From a personal point of view this is my first trip to...