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    Scanner repairs?

    Now that Radio Shack has essentially disappeared, anyone have a lead on where scanner repairs can be obtained? Have a virtually new PRO-160 that crapped out.  What a shame.  Don't want to toss it if I can avoid it.
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    RIP Patsy Maggio

    Ret. Richmond (Staten Island) Chief Dispatcher, and later Chief of Dispatch Operations, Patsy P. Maggio, passed away this past week aged in his early '80's.  He loved the job, and loved his people.  I could reminisce for pages, but I'll leave it at this:    What a nice guy!
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    NY Fire Patrol still alive...

    Last summer, the Fire Patrol bill overwhelmingly passed the NYS Senate and was delivered to the Assembly.  Instead of allowing a vote, the Assembly leadership decided to refer the bill to a committee, where it sat and died when the Assembly adjourned for the rest of the year. Now, NYFP...
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    Fire Patrol skunked again.

    On Thursday June 21, 2012 the Fire Patrol bill overwhelmingly passed the NYS Senate and was delivered to the Assembly.  The bill had the votes to pass the Assembly... BUT... instead of allowing a vote, the Assembly leadership decided to refer the bill to a committee, where they allowed it to sit...
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    The NY FIRE PATROL news page has just been updated, and includes the latest information about: Fundraiser gathering scheduled for September 8th Federal funding granted to the Patrol Status of Fire Patrol legislation pending in Albany Becoming a member of the N.Y. Fire Patrol The news page can...
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    Important enabling legislation allowing the NY Fire Patrol to fully begin operations is now before the NYS Legislature as Assembly Bill # A8117 and Senate Bill # S5573. These bills are now in the hands of the "Corporations Committee" of both the Assembly and the Senate. It is hoped that...
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    New Orleans | 6 Alarm | Jan 7

    New Orleans | 6 Alarm Fire | Prytania St @ Josephine St | 6th Alarm for Explosion & Heavy fire in a large 3 Sty vacant church, major power outage.
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    Move Over Law now effective in NYS

    NEW YORK STATE LAW: became effective Jan. 1, 2011 Ambrose-Searles ??Move Over Act?? Protects law enforcement officers and emergency workers stopped along roadways while performing their duties. ?h Drivers must use due care when approaching an emergency vehicle that displays red and/or white...
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    Return of the Fire Patrol

    Less than 5 years after the disbanding of the patrol formerly run by the NY Board of Fire Underwriters, the Fire Patrol has re-emerged as an independent "Not-For-Profit Corporation".  It has already received IRS approval as a 501(c)3 charitable organization  (meaning that the organization is...
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    War Years Dispatchers

    Denizens of (mostly) the Brooklyn C.O.  (L-R) SFAD Roy J., FAD's Newt T., Stan F., David R., Warren F., Tony L., Al T., Clinton W.
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    75-3956 10/29

    0710: Bn 41 reports all hands operating box 3956 245 Lenox Road Fire in basement of 6 story OMD.
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    Fire Patrol training videos?

    I somehow have the impression that in its latter years the Patrol did a lot of in house training from video tapes.  Does anyone here have them, or know how/where copies might be obtained?
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    Fire Patrol

    Does anyone recall the make/model of the rigs that were most recently used by the NY Fire Patrol?
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    What are the odds?

    Today, June 11, Brooklyn and Richmond (Staten Island) both had all-hands jobs at box 1131. Somebody play that number!
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    Party crashers?

    Is anyone else hearing police activity (does not sound like NYPD) on 154.37MHz?  Even though that freq. is (was?) reserved by the FCC to the fire radio service I'm guessing FDNY will not squawk because of their upcoming switchover to UHF.  Which IMO btw, as far as signal coverage is...
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    Retirement Party: Disp. Dave Rosenzweig

    The retirement party for FA Disp. Dave Rosenzweig, former president of the dispatcher's union (FADBA) will be held beginning at 6:30PM on May 16, 2010 at EL CARIBE, 5945 Strickland Avenue, Brooklyn NY  11234.  Tickets: $80 Please reserve by May 1, 2010. INFO: Deirdre Evans  347-682-0923    or ...
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    Multiple fatality @ 3-3 in Bensonhurst Anyone have details?
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    12/06/09 7-5 2832

    @1730 phone alarm Box 2832  154 Shafter Avenue nr. Gibson Ave.  Private dwelling . @1733 10-75 by BN23 : S1, R5, L85 FAST, E164 4th Eng. @1737 Using all hands, fire is knocked down, return all special units, PWH @1738 U.C.  duration 11 minutes
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    Atlantic City Central Pier 3rd alarm on 21 Nov.
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    New Sirens a danger to members?

    Just this afternoon, while in a corner pizza shop in Brooklyn waiting for a pie with fresh mozzarella to come out of the oven, I heard the siren of our local truck company (H&L to you old-timers) coming down the street.  Sounded like they were still about a block away so I turned to step outside...