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    Videos from the 5th Alarm

    Videos from the 5th Alarm a couple of days ago Its part 6 the rest would be on his profile
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    Honoring FF Giovanni Martinez and all of ladder 124

    Firefighter Giovanni Martinez and other members from Ladder 124 made four daring rescues in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on March 24. ?All the members did a phenomenal job,? said Battalion Chief Joseph Schiralli. resi The fire was first reported at 7:59 a.m. in a three-story residential building on...
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    FIREHOUSES GET EXTREME MAKEOVERS (READY ROOMS?) Commissioner Scoppetta will visit one of four recently refurbished ?ready rooms? at firehouses in Manhattan at 1 p.m. today during a trip to Engine 47, 502 W. 113th St.  With help from various donors and designer and FDNY volunteer...
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    F.D.N.Y video series

    Just went to the offical website and found this. Dont really know what its all about yet but i think its going to be just like the webisode on the
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    FDNY Shifts

    How long are the FDNY's shifts and do u get every other day off?
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    COMMISSIONER SCOPPETTA ANNOUNCES FIRE UNIT NIGHT CLOSINGS TO BEGIN JANUARY 17   >:( Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta today announced the Department will cease operating a fire unit on Governor?s Island and will eliminate night tours at four other firefighting units beginning January 17 to...
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    CPAT Test

    I was just wondering what do you do in the physical test. I was thinking of what are the exercises that FDNY puts you through during the physical test.
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    New pumper pics                                   and
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    Did anyone finally find a place where you can get a FDNY t-shirt that has the engine and ladder companys on it I have been looking forever and still can not find a place
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    MARINE Units

    Does FDNY have a select group of firefighters that are assined to a marine unit or do they have a squad or something go and operate the marine units cause if they have firefighters assined there it would get really boring with no jobs
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    Which Brough Gets The Most Fires???

    I have been wondering this for a couple days. So I decided to ask you. I think Brooklyn gets the most but the Bronx has to be very close behind.
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    10-75 Box 1786 7/01/08

    Box 1786 10-75 18:00  B13  E46  Squad41  Rescue3  L46  D7  TL33 @1804 B13 report 10-75 @ 52 Arden between Shurmant and Naval Ave. mupltipul dwelling @1805 L46 Report people running down fire escape with children @1085 D7 report 2 line streched/Exposure 1.street 2.Similar 3.similar 4.Shurmant...
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    Videos of fdny in action Check out the slide shows you see FDNY in action
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    6/30/08 Manhattan Box 8171

    8:06 Box 8171 track fire class 3 8:07 Division 1, E26 delayed, E34, L21, Battalion 9 8:08 between 7 and 8 AVE. penn station on ramp 2 8:13 Battalition 2 and 9 set up command post 8:15 10-28 no code battalion 9 10-18 Fire extinguished apon arrival by E34 8:20 Everybody goes 10-8
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    Which Brough Are You Going To

    I would go to Manhatten Engine 54 Laddder 4 then eventully end up in resceu 1 or 3
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    Live fire radio

    Alot of people have been asking questions ??? that are easy to answer by listing to this :o so just in case you did not find this, skipped over it, ETC..  Here is the website for the FDNY live fire radio of all 5 broughs :)
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    I just herd that they are also getting new rescues :o. 1 for the bronx, brooklyn, queens and 1 spare.