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  1. jbendick

    50 years

                                                50 years ago                                            I wrote this last year being the procrastinator that I am. I put this aside till now. Having talked to  Chief Jack ?68JK09? and a few members of our Proby Class That it was the start of a...
  2. jbendick

    War years / The Soldiers

        With almost a 60 year relationship with the fire service, I have seen a lot. I began first going to fires with the Civil Defense in Yonkers, and then spent 37 years with the FDNY and  in some of the best companies ( E 96, Sq. 2, E 75, Bn 19, E 75, Lt E 68 and Capt. E 23) on the job. During...
  3. jbendick

    my buff years

                                              My Early Buff Years. My early buff years were spent going to fires in Yonkers N.Y. It all started for me when I was  old enough to join the Civil Defense. In Yonkers we had a Civil Defense Rescue Squad, organized during the 1950?s. This was at the...
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    Site Rules

    Due to a recent issue, the owner and administrator of this site, in order to keep in good graces and to avoid any controversy, feel it is necessary to repost a few simple rules. We may add some things to this in the future if needed. 1) No reporting of any LODDs, member names, or companies...
  5. jbendick

    A blast from the past!

    Sorry for the delay. As I promise here is the name of the war year members from Squad 2 and Engine 73. La Casa Caca From left to right (1) Eddie Keating Sq.2 ret. Capt.(Dec). (2) (LT) John M. O'Hagan Eng. 73 Ret. as a Staff Chief (dec). (3) Capt George Orhline ? Sq. 2 ret. as Capt. (dec). (4)...
  6. jbendick

    Engine 75 Mattress Fire 70's

  7. jbendick

    Rapid Water Ad

    Ad from Rapid Water
  8. jbendick

    Some info on Yonkers Fire Department

        My relationship with Y.F.D. goes back 50 yrs. When I started going to fires with my late father and the Civil Defense Rescue, we would supply any support necessary except  fire fighting.  My father had many friends on the job. That and the fact that we kept our trucks at Station 9 was my ...