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    October 17, 1966

    On the 55th Anniversary of the 23rd Street Fire may those lost that night continue to Rest in Peace. May their families at home and on the job continue to find comfort. May we Never Forget.
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    MIRT Unit

    A friend asked me for some information about this unit and I wasn't able to provide any. Can you please let me know: it's mission/purpose; what equipment it carries; what type of incident it responds to (yeah I know, marine incidents); where it is quartered; etc. I would be much obliged. Thanks...
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    National Geographic Rescue 3

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get a DVD of the National Geographic Rescue 3 video. My VHS tape copy is about to give up the ghost. Thanks, in advance 1261truckie (aka Jim Boyle)
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    HUD Seal

    I was watching the Gettin' Salty podcast with Capt Graham of L-102 and he said he was struck be a HUD Seal at a job and severely injured. I've been away from FDNY for a while so, what is a HUD Seal? Thanks for any info
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    FDNY The War Years Greatest Generation

    Another member of the FDNY's Greatest Generation has gone home. Rest in Peace, Charlie McCarthy. It is time for the rest of us to pause and remember these men who were the front line against the plague that decimated New York during the War Years. Men who worked against tremendous odds to...
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    Janet Kimmerly

    From another site, thanks to Johnny Gage: "Janet Kimmerly was an outstanding Editor of WNYF magazine for over two decades and countless other publications. She was also a former firefighter in her commnunity of Port Washington. On a personal note, I was the contributor for the 1st Division...
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    The Watts Street Fire

    From another site: "Watts st fire...27 years ago today continued rest in peace..Capt John Drennan..Fr. Chris Seidenberg and Jimmy Young thoughts and prayers for their families and members of E24 and L5 also want to recognize Capt. Paddy Brown (rip..9/11) for his dedication to the Drennan family...
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    NYC Telephone Company fire. Continued Rest in Peace for those lost as a result of this fire. Continued thoughts and prayers for those who still suffer because of it.
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    To All, To all the members of NYCFire, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and to your families. May the end of 2020 be healthy and safe and may the start of 2021 be filled with hope and joy. It is a pleasure being a part of such a fine group. Jim (aka 1261truckie)
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    1964 WNYF Article on the 1st Tower Ladder

    A friend of mine is researching Mack Tower Ladders and I remember a very good article in a 1964 WNYF telling how the truck was developed. Would it be possible for someone here to post either the article itself or a link to it? Thanks, in advance, for any assistance
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    23rd Street Collapse

    Continued Rest in Peace to those lost that night. Continued thoughts and prayers for the families of those lost both at home and on the job.
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    Chief Jonas' Newsletter

    To All, Does anyone have a copy of Chief Jonas' Newsletter from July 2016 covering the fire on E 22nd St (55-608)? Thanks, Jim
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    FDNY Book by John Dwyer

    To All, Was this book ever published? I came across the title and a tentative date of 2016 while looking at pictures of Mr. Dwyer's website "Those Were The Days" Photography by John G. Dwyer Please let me know, thanks to all Jim Boyle (aka 1261truckie)
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    Motherless Brooklyn - LODD - Rest in Peace Michael Davidson

    From another site
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    The Telephone Company Fire

    Rest in Peace to those lost as a result of this fire 45 years ago. Thought and prayers to those who suffer because of it.
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    Political Advertisement

    I just saw a Bloomberg ad featuring Tom Brick's (RIP) mother. Is this ad on the level? Did (and does) Bloomberg maintain contact with the Brick family? I'm out in the Pacific Northwest and am removed from the East Coast. And, I am not looking to stir anything up, just curious about the accuracy...
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    December 16, 1960 59 years ago, remember it like it was yesterday. Continued Rest in Peace to those who were lost that day. God bless those who responded to the box (1231). I remember hearing the stories from members of 132 who...
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    I just saw, on another site, that Jill Freedman has passed away at age 79. The photographer of the book "Firehouse", she had a real talent for her craft and took many great photos especially of the members of the Big House and the Harlem Hilton. There were many iconic images in the book. She...
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    FDNY Ladder42 Centennial Book

    Does anyone know how I could get a Ladder 42 Centennial Book? Please let me know. Thanks in advance Jim (aka 1261)
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    Former Fire Commissioner Charles Hynes

    From another site: "It  is  with  deep  regret  that  the  Department  announces  the  death  of  former  Fire  Commissioner, Charles Joseph Hynes, which occurred on January 29, 2019.  Hynes  was  born  and  raised  in  the  Flatbush  section  of  Brooklyn.    He  attended  St. ...