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    NY Daily News Today-9/23/21

    I confess to be computer operationally deficient so I'll throw this out there. Today's NY Daily News has a guest editorial regarding the paltry salaries of FDNY EMS personnel and the idea of making EMS a stand alone City agency. I don't know if this is something that can be found on line, but...
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    Lead story on the 4 PM tv news (Pa.) KME will be closing their plants in Pa. and Virginia by April of 2022. No word on how many employees will be affected by this. Any pending apparatus orders will be handled by other manufacturers.
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    Labor Day

    My senile mind has just popped up with this thought. Next Monday is the Federal holiday of "Labor Day." Now we don't have many people laboring any longer even though every place you see has a "Help Wanted" sign outside. The "Labor Day" holiday unfortunately will be a thing of the past quite...
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    79 Years Ago Today

    On this date, 2/9/1942, 79 years ago, the S.S. Normandie caught fire at Hudson River pier 88 (which was at the foot of W.48th street.) This job lasted for several days taxing and injuring Firefighters. I recall my dad telling me that below deck was like being in an oven. Of course, there was no...
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    What's On Top?

    Here's one for you number compilers here, which category is topping the run lists these days, EMS runs or "Odor of Gas Runs?" These seem to be constant as one listems to the radio.