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    First due areas

    What is the likelihood of Eng. 26 getting in first due to over half of their first due district on a weekday 9x6 tour?
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    Past Temporary Relocations Over the Years

    Ladders 126 & 127 spent time with Sq. 270. Eng. 277 spent nights on Himrod St. in the 70s, 1/2 in with Eng. 271 and 1/2 with Lad 124. Both Eng. 277 & Lad 112 spent a few years with Eng. 222 and the 37 Batt.
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    10/8/21 Bronx 4th Alarm Box 2186

    There are accidents sometimes with the car's tail light lens getting in the way of the hydrant connection. It might cost a hundred or two to replace.
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    9/29/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 683

    Eng. 230 should be in the mix.
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    Engine 313

    Engines in the 53 Batt. do explosive escort duty. They might have been doing that.
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    Most pictures of old apparatus show a spare tire on the side running board. The members would change the tire. I don't remember that but I remember the job of the MPO included tightening the lug nuts weekly. (On Sundays, if I remember correctly)
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    Battalions vs Divisions

    I remember calling the dispatcher to place the Division on a box. I thought that a Deputy didn’t have to respond until a an all hands fire was doubtful will hold.
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    Dr. Maloney had the office in the medical office with the longest line outside. His brother John and I were probys together and he went to L 112 out of school. RIP
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    Engine 220 Ladder 122 Back to Back

    Many or most of the 2nd sections were back and front. The only time it slowed things down was the first run after 9 AM every morning when the rear section was now responding alone or due before the front section on the box.
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    Engine 220 Ladder 122 Back to Back

    Engine 277 had Ladder 732 prior to Ladder 112.
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    6-26-21...BKLYN AH 728.

    That used to be a Ladder 112 box.
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    Covering bosses

    There were times when the apparatus remained in quarters but now a mechanic picks it up and and the rig undergoes inspection, oil change, and minor repairs. We used to do some training at the academy while the rig was being worked on.
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    Covering bosses

    They had covering relief officers. The four regular officers covered their unit 24 of the 25 days and night tours. A covering relief officer was assigned to the unit for 1 day and one night tour every 25 days. The job worked the groups out so that most of these relief officers worked in the same...
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    Riding Assignments

    Just to take the lack of personnel for positions a step further, I remember a story from my father about being detailed to an engine in the mid forties. The was no true retirement age then and he was on the back step with one other fireman who he had to hold onto because the other man suffered...
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    Riding Assignments

    Not the same subject but close. My uncle was in a truck during the mid fifties and knew that I had an interest in the FDNY. He told me more than once that I should have been in the firehouse the other night. The bell was under the ladder, rung by a member riding the side. That particular tour...
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    Just play the Star Spangled Banner instead of the siren blasting. They will take a knee and the problem is solved.
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    That was discretionary response box. The assigned Chief did not have to respond. It was up to his discretion. The Battalion was supposed to monitor the radio.
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    Congratulations to Wilbur. He always attended Engine 217's old timers nights until 2 years ago. He had transferred out of there in the early sixties.
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    Runs/workers 1964-1976

    Ira and I talked FDNY during gym on the roof of Brooklyn Tech. High School.
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    5/11/2021 Brooklyn All Hands 10-77 Box 1611

    A Chief's worst nightmare. A truck doing B.I. on the engine and the first due truck arriving on the scene staffed by the engine.