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    Temporary FDNY Ambulances 20xx?

    Anybody know anything about these? Looked like Ford E-series Type 3s all white with FDNY Ambulance written on them. Numbers on the boxes were 2020 and 2046. There was a total of four of them (being transported on semi's) parked on the West Shore this morning just off of Exit 4.
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    2019 SI Marathon Relocations

    Anyone have the full list? I personally saw: E253 at 165/85 E331 at 160/R5
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    3/30/2019 Ocean County NJ; Barnaget: Major Brush Fire

    There is a ?major? brush fire in Ocean County today in the Pine Barrens. Fire began around 3:30pm. Located off of 72 west of the Graden State Parkway. Smoke can be seen as far as Middlesex County and ash has been falling in Northern Monmouth County...
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    7/2/2014 Staten Island Box:???? (Leeds and Guyon)

    Don't have the box number off hand but currently have a lot of activity at Leeds and Guyon. E162, 165 L82, 85 R5 Haz-mat battalion, lots of special ems and probably am missing some others.
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    List of Rigs Damaged/Destroyed from Sandy

    According to department officials the number of vehicles damaged or destroyed from this stands at 91. Can we try and get a full list of all the trucks that were damaged or destroyed as a result of the floodwaters from Sandy? So far we have reports of Ladders: 137, 161, 166, 169, 170 Engine 206...
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    FDNY Marathon Sunday

    Hey, just a quick question on how the FDNY works the NYC marathon in Staten Island. I understand that they bring in extra units and stage them over at Engine 160 on Clove Road. The question is, how many units do they bring in and what is usually brought in (number of engines, ladders, and...
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    4/27/2010 - Brooklyn Box 3781 Reported Bus Fire

    Signal 5-7 at 19:56 for a possible Bus fire at Beverly and Coney Island Ave. G-man rule should be in effect for this one. Engine 281 would be first due to this but was sent to an EMS run at 681 Clarkson just 5 minutes prior.
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    1/13/2010 Brooklyn Box 2405

    Came across this while in Brooklyn today. Box 2405 Glenwood Rd. and E. 48th street at approximately 14:45. Was unable to find out what had happened. Eng: 255, 310, 309 Lad: 157, 174 Bat: 41 D: 15 (Chevy Van) Anybody have any info on this one?
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    9/1/09 Verrazano Bridge Truck Incident

    Caught this while drving into Brooklyn. Engs. 152, 160 Lad. 77 Rescue 5 Bat. 21 From what I saw it appeared to be a truck at the toll booths on the staten island bound side. Anybody with more information can you please post.
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    8/30/2009 Prospect Expressway and Fort Hamilton Parkway

    While driving through Brooklyn at around 19:10 I was caught up in traffic on the prospect. I caught a multi-vehicle MVA. Units I caught were E279, L131, L147. Now I know this was literally right in front of E240 B48, but didn't see them. Was there something else going on at this time? Also...