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    Engine 23 Renovation Article & Info

    FDNY Station Renovation Balances Past with Present | Firehouse Engine Company 23 (
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    6/4/21 Mount Vernon/Pelham Manor/FDNY - Water Rescue

    6/4/21 Car into the water Pelham Parkway/Fulton Ave drawbridge FDNY assignment w/ R3/R4/M6 on scene deployed divers. At least 1 victim removed Vehicle removed & scene turned over to Westchester PD @ 1044 hours. Location approximately 200 yards north of the city line.
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    New Rockaway Training Facility
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    Firehouse Turned Townhouse In Manhattan Pays Homage To Its Past I'm sure someone with much more knowledge then me could tell us about the house's history.
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    FDNY Unit Location Map

    Does anyone know of an online link to the FDNY's Unit Location Map? The map I'm looking for is the one posted in various FDNY houses and facilities. It includes all of the individual houses as well as being color coded by Division and Battalion. It also lists the locations of specialized units.
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    Charlotte, NC - Apparatus MVA (Rollover & Fire) 5/8/14
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    FDNY Equipment Inventory

    I know I might be asking for a lot, but does anyone have an inventory of what is carried on an FDNY ladder, engine, rescue and squad? Thanks in advance!
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    8/27/12 - Manhattan - 10-75 Box 159

    Box 159 80 Franklin Street 7 story 25' x 95' Type 3 as per CIDS Info 1346 hrs - 10-75 transmitted by B1 1357 hrs - D1: fire on rear of 1st floor, 2 lines stretched, 1 operating; primaries are Negative; Probably will hold 1404 hrs. - D1: All secondaries negative, placing fire under control.