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    Ladder 151

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    London Fire Brigade 209Ft Tower Ladder

    LFB announced that they were planning to buy these high towers right after the Grenfell disaster.
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    MIRT Unit

    Are there any departments that use it for rescues? Holmatro, Hurst and Amkus are used by almost everyone.
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    MIRT Unit

    The Stanley is not a rescue system It is used to power pumps for dewatering. It is carried by several units.
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    Old timers refer to old time things-like Stangs. The 2020 specs call for an Akron Brass 3432-FDNY. It comes with the tiller.
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    High Axle Units

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    TAC Units

    Do you mean The ResQmax™ line thrower?
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    New Seagrave Contracts

    The Parks Dept had a bid out for a temp HQ van based on Ford F550 chassis..
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    New Tillers

    Bid is out for 5 Tractor Drawn Aerials-to be opened Feb 2.
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    Ferrara ladders

    That is what the bid called for.
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    Ferrara ladders

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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    " Won't there be a problem with water pressure now that NYC doesn't have the high pressure hydrants ..." The problem isn't pressure-the pump supplies that- but volume.
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    New Bids Issued

    Another bid-X5 Tractor Drawn Aerials-due 11/2
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    New Rescues in Production

    Rescue 4-old and new-traveling together
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    The Feehan seems to have lost its' nameplate.
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    New Bids Issued

    The FDNY has new bids listed in The City Record: x40 2000 GPM pumpers due 10/14-with option for High Pressure units. x15 75" towers due 10/27 -with option for 95' ubits.
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    New Seagraves

    75' TL ST20001-CTS
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    New Rescues in Production

    Rescue 4 has its old 2011 rig today.
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    New Seagraves

    This morning, at the Radio Shop in Woodside-CTS 75' TL (ST20001) and Div 3 Chevy Silverado (GM20003). Images can't be attached.