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    Cockloft nozzle.

    I know the cockloft nozzle has been carried by squads and divisions, but I seen a couple of engines carrying it. Eg: 265 has one attached to their box on top. Did they expand units that are carrying it?
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    10-75 452 08/01/20

    384 East 10 st + Ave C Fire APT 5D Engine 5 first due. 28 2nd due?
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    Engine ops

    After the line is turned off, does the chauffeur have to let some water out of the tank until they come back outside of the building? With the hydrant on, water is still filling the tank. How does this work?
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    Foreground freq

    What is the foreground frequency ?
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    High rise fires

    On 10-77/76, does the first due battalion go into the fire floor? Does the safety chief go in? I noticed on some I see the chiefs with their SCBAs on.
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    Is the Purvis dispatch system teleprinters in all firehouses yet?
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    Comm engine

    What is the duties of the comm engine company? Are there only certain companies that are designated?  I noticed engines 7, 263, 53
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    Purvis new firehouse alert system.

    I read a while back they are replacing the teleprinter system. Had it been done yet in all houses?
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    Squad tool

    I noticed the squads have a nozzle -looking device attached to the diamond plate box. What is it?
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    UCT ending
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    Guy jumps in E34 and assaults chauffeur
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    Batt 74

    How long is battalion 74 going to operate in Rockaway? How are they sharing runs with the 47?
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    Merry Christmas

    Wish everyone a happy and healthy Christmas.
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    Brevard County

    Does anyone know the frequency for Brevard County Fire and Brevard Sheriff?
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    Queens All hands 1603 7/30/12

    Queens All hands 1603 7/30/12 1456 18 West 19 Road Crossbay Blvd Fire 2nd floor 2 STY PD E266 E268 E265 L126/L137 TL121 BC47 E331 L173 FT Rescue 4, Sq 270, DIV 13 2 lines stretched in operation, trucks opening up, fire in walls 2nd floor. Lt from engine company hurt in rear with ankle...
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    Teleprinters and MDT History?

    What year did the teleprinters come out into the FDNY? What about the MDT's? Was it always Starfire?
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    03/30/12 Queens Box 5356 Dog On Tracks

    EMS box 5356 - 196 Street at 99 Ave Report of possibly a person and dog struck by train. 1047 HRS Bc54, 2 AND 2 response, L133 Sq270 R4 replacing R2 Reported male on tracks with dog, unknown if it's the male or dog hit. E301 says EMS on scene, we are going to check. 1053 - BC54 - Dog on the...
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    Old firehouse on Metropolitan ave

    What company used to be in the old firehouse on Metropolitan ave between Stewart Ave and Varicke Ave?
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    10/27/11 Queens All hands 1309

    10/27/11  11:35 E266 E268 E265 L137 T153/L121 BC47 Box 1309 - 107 Beach 90 street between Holland Ave and Shorefront Pkwy - rep fire in a private dwelling D=PRIVATE DWELL REAR WINDOW/MC CB........ 266 - 10-75, Fire 2nd floor 2 1/2 story peaked rook private dwelling. E264 L134FT R4 SQ270...
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    I wish everyone a healthy and happy Christmas.